Rappan Athuk #8: Down the Slide

17 Feb

The party battled gnolls in a second level beneath the Mouth of Doom.

The party’s summoner, Winter, took notes on their journey as they adventured. It should be noted that, upon returning to town, they met up with the remainder of the party who had traveled to Pizza Town to sell the emerald snake’s skin for 900 gold. They also brought a destiny bloodrager, Anger Management, back with them… (–GM)

12th day of Neth, 4715 AR

We start in the creepy-hand-teleport-hub (CHTH). There is a cockroach swarm in the hall we came from. I take a pen, me and Cayden are healed/burned, and then… we rest. I summon a dire rat to distract the swarm. Currently, we are fighting (very badly) the roach swarm.

Yay! We brutally murdered (murrrrder…) the roach swarm. We exited the dungeon and went to town and then hired 7 fighters for 2 toys. We went back to the dungeon and accidentally slid down a metal slide.

Currently, we are strategizing how to get back up. We found a way, then proceeded to go down a hall and go into a room. The room leads to another room, and we then proceed to go into the other room and were confronted by 12 gnolls and 2 hyenas we shall fight.

Yahhhh! Fred the fighter, Anger Management’s fighter, was knocked out. Great. Whoah! Anger Management power attacks and rages on the gnolls. Great, Frostbite (my eidolon) got knocked out. The gnolls are slowly dying. Two gnolls surrender. We are now winning! Another gnoll is down. We won!

We’re taking 8 to the authorities and killing 3. We’ve turned ’em in. We made a bedroom and we buy animals! And we dig a basement.

We are heading back to the dungeon. Rats! We’re in combat now! We have won. We found a chest! Lots of money! We found a new room and there is a statue of Orcus in it. We then explore a hall and walk into another hall. We found a room and go into it. It has a gargoyle which we are now fighting. I say Son of a Duck a lot. We are almost done. We are done.

-Winter (Joaquin)

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3 responses to “Rappan Athuk #8: Down the Slide

  1. HypernovaGaming

    April 30, 2017 at 3:41 pm

    One of my worst writeups


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