Rappan Athuk #7: Deeper Beneath the Mouth of Doom

03 Feb

8th day of Neth, 4715 AR

Crazy old Bokken

Two wild eyes poked out from behind the shield. John Cena’s Sister tossed some trail rations at him, and he started wolfing the food down.

The snake was dead. Everyone was very proud of themselves and felt invincible. The first level of the dungeon was almost clear, except for one door.

The door stood there, and at first nothing happened, but then… nothing continued to happen. Frostbite lunged at the door and tried opening it but there was a spike stopping the path of the door. Gaige looked at it more closely, but there was nothing more to it that she could find. The spike stayed there as if it were taunting the adventurers. Gaige pointed at the axe on John Cena’s Sister’s back.

“Could I borrow that for a second?” she asked.

“Um…yeah sure,” John Scena’s sister responded. She handed over the axe. “What are you going to do with that?” she asked back to Gaige.

“Something… subtle,” she smiled, then smashed the axe’s blade into the door. THUNK! And again, CRUNCH! And one last time, SMASH! She handed the axe back to John Cena’s Sister.

“Weren’t you supposed to be stealthy?” asked John Cena’s Sister. Gaige ignored her and looked at a shaking shield with a person behind it inside of the room. John Cena’s Sister yelled at it and it started to shake more vigorously.

“Wait,” said Gaige. “He could be of use to us…”

“Hello? You okay back there?” she asked. Two wild eyes poked out from behind the shield. John Cena’s Sister tossed some trail rations at him, and he started wolfing the food down.

“Thank you thank you thank you,” he said. “I’ve been starving and everyone else died from the goblins and starvation.” As he said so, his eyes got wet. Then he burst into tears.

“Please help me!!!” he cried.

The adventurers frowned at each other and silently agreed to take him home. They let him take a bath in the nearby river. His name was Gelver. The next day, the adventurers bribed him into coming with them to the Mouth of Doom.


The group found a rotten corpse with cockroaches crawling out of its eye sockets…

The adventurers went down the stairs of the room with the dead leeches and went down a long set of stairs to a room with two demon things with wings. Gaige charged at the unaware demon. The sword would have sliced into it, but it didn’t. Instead it seemed to do nothing at all to it. Frostbite was the next to act. He went around the demon that Gaige had attacked, slashed and did nothing. John Cena’s Sister shot it and Drun Ken Sayler did the same. Gelver also acted and stabbed wildly, missing mostly. The creatures disappeared, and then everyone heard chanting from one side of the room.

Gaige attacked the area the sound was coming from and missed. Gunshots fired wildly, and some hit. Later, the creature whose spell had in fact not been interrupted cast a swarm of bats, and the adventurers could do nothing to stop them. The creature appeared on the other side of the room.

”Let’s flank it!” yelled Gaige. She disappeared in a small cloud of smoke. Gelver helped Gaige flank. Then Gaige appeared on the other side of the creature with tremendous speed. She attacked it with three fatal blows but right after she was bit in the back by the other one. She shuddered and almost collapsed, everyone else took their turns by shooting at them. Both of the creatures were wounded badly.

Suddenly, Gelver turned around and got bit in the stomach. He looked down at the large gaping hole. It almost seemed like he would keep fighting, but then of course, all things have to come to an end. He fell gracefully down to the ground. Gaige was so stunned that she didn’t notice the swarm of bats surrounding her, but the real problem was the demon fangs piercing her flesh, and she was bitten badly by the bats. She winced and fell,too.

“Avenge me…” she croaked and, well, she died.

Guns blazing, the others took out the rest of the demons. They exited the dungeon and met a new person.

“Um… hey guys my name is Sean and I can do awesome stuff  using the power of the aether,” he said.

“Good for you,” said the others.

The group went to the same part of the dungeon that they went to just before, to find a rotten corpse with cockroaches crawling out of its eye sockets. The beetles scurried into nearby cracks in the walls. The group looked at two signs: “Forbidden” and on the other side of the room it said “Recovery.” “Recovery” sounded better to everyone, so they went there. Inside there were paintings of people in a hospital. All of their left hands were scratched and painted over in black for unknown reasons.

We went to the other door with the sign that said “Forbidden” on it. Someone had scratched the word and written “Until now” next to it…


When the adventurers got to the other side, cockroaches ambushed them. There was an imprint of a left hand in the wall at the dead end…

We entered and found a long hallway, going in both directions. Pit traps were seen very easily all throughout the hallway. The adventurers walked around the sides of the pit traps. Halfway through, metal bars came down cutting them off.  The adventurers used all their strength to lift the bars so they could get past. After many tries, they succeeded. When the adventurers got to the other side, cockroaches ambushed them. There was an imprint of a left hand in the wall at the dead end. John Cena’s Sister put her hand in. Nothing happened. The cockroaches were still attacking them. Winter put his hand in, and it worked! He was teleported to an entirely different room with hand imprints on each side. Sean tried and it worked. He was also sent to the room with the hand  imprints. Meanwhile, the cockroaches were still attacking everyone else.

Winter went back to them and took the other people’s hands so they could come with him when he teleported. Now they were in the same room. Sean had mapped an area after touching a random hand imprint. It was a small room with a small angry-seeming ball of copper and he had immediately backed out.

The End

A write-up by Leo Harkins

Author’s Notes:

Thank you for reading my second write-up ever, I appreciate that and stuff so yeah… thanks. I would also like to appreciate my school and friends for… stuff and things so yeah this is the actual end.

The actual End.

That is now.

The end of my write up.

The very last part of it.

The real actual end.


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