Rappan Athuk #6: Vengeance

01 Feb

When we last left our heroes, they had just cleared an old, abandoned castle overlooking the Old Path west of Zelkor’s Ferry. The party’s ninja, Gaige, continues their tale… (GM)

4th day of Neth, 4715 AR

The steps of the adventurers echoed through the halls of the goblin fort. After a lengthy debate on where to go, the majority decided on a room.

Steadily opening the door, ready for attacks, the pathfinders just found a small goblin-sized bed. The next room down also seemed to be a goblin bedroom, and the same with the room afterward.

Next was the big room. Slowly and steadily, Drun Ken Sayler winced as nothing happened. The room was about 20-30 feet wide and racked with goblin equipment, except for a large shield that was normal sized. Forgetting the profits they could get by selling these things, the adventurers continued the exploration of the fort.

The next thing was the largest room of them all. Gaige was inches from opening the door when she realized the threat this small door could have! Immediately stepping away, she let someone else do it. Out of the back, Vv emerged and put his hand on the handle.

ZAP!! A large electric bolt spread through his body as he twisted the doorknob. Realizing the sheer luck Gaige had gotten, she smiled despite the pain her fellow pathfinder was going through. Vv shuddered and made a three-second vow never to touch a door again, but five seconds afterwards he suddenly loved doors? (I have no idea why).

Later, Vv told the group of adventurers that the door was locked suddenly. Gaige noticed that she was the only one capable of picking the lock. Sighing, she grudgingly took out her thieves’ tools and picked the lock, barely bypassing the electric shock. She failed. A bead of sweat ran down her face.

”Here it goes again,” she muttered.

ZAP!! She gasped from pain. The door was unlocked and swung open. Frostbite, the ice devil eidolon in the back was the first to see the demon statue (and probably the first to lunge at it in a while). It jumped at it and would have clawed it into a fine dust if not for the skeletons waiting in the room. They clawed and sliced at the eidolon, mostly missing, while the eidolon’s summoner, Winter, was the first to take initiative. He rushed to his eidolon’s aid, casting multiple charm spells. He destroyed the skeleton. The eidolon’s claws ripped through the attacking skeleton like it was paper.

When Gaige walked out of the room, she had the urge to go to the legendary Rappan Athuk dungeon! After another vote, the majority wanted to go to Rappan Athuk.


”WE ARE GOING TO KILL THAT SNAKE!!” Valestar yelled at everyone. People were stunned by the sudden disturbance.

The cartographers only had two doors left on the first level of Rappan Athuk, one of which was empty and L-shaped and the other door led to a room with giant leeches! And on the way ,the adventurers walked along to meet Valestar, their very powerful paladin who had saved everyone numerous times. The leeches had gaping circular mouths lined with many teeth. Everyone had a tough time with the leeches after many guns had been fired, arrows too, and many large slashes from sword blows until the adventurers had defeated the slimy beasts!

Because the adventurers had been beaten and bloodied, they needed a lot of rest. The next two days were spent on replenishing blood and hit points. Valestar was looking at the gravestones of their dead adventurer friends when he recalled the cause of their death. THE DAMN SNAKE!!! He got up and rushed into the house.

”WE ARE GOING TO KILL THAT SNAKE!!” he yelled at everyone. People were stunned by the sudden disturbance. But they came to realize that now, because of their training and earlier battles, that these had taught them well. They raced into the Mouth of Doom and came upon a few skeletons. They were completely annihilated by the entire group of pathfinders, then they got to the room of the snake!!!

Gaige took her position right after the snake had charged into Valestar. Snapping many times, the snake missed and spun as Gaige stabbed it in the back.The snake spun and bit Gaige in the stomach, but the snake didn’t have very much hope because of all of the bullets fired in between its scales and a couple of well-placed arrows. The snake hit the ground hard and shuddered a few times, then stayed still.



-Gaige (Leo)

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