Haunting of Harrowstone, Part 6: The Bittersweet End

31 Jan


Asher, the party paladin, writes the concluding chapter of the party’s quest… (–GM)


The Lopper

Hi, this is Asher, recording the final events that took place in Ravengro and its abandoned prison Harrowstone.

We left Harrowstone after fighting a lot of stuff to rest and regain our spells and health. When we came back, we found out that the Splatterman had written yet another letter (A), in the town. So, with a new vigor we returned to Harrowstone to kill the ghosts.

When we got there, we found a secret oubliette [a cell that is a pit in the ground –GM] in the dungeon. We were soon fighting the Lopper, and we quickly dispatched him to much relief: 3 down, 2 to go. We found treasure at the bottom of the oubliette, much to everybody’s delight.

We soon found another room, and as soon as we walked in we found that the starting letter of each of our names was on the wall, but oddly enough  not mine. As they were being written we realized it was the Splatterman, and we felt our wisdom leaving us. Torell was the one most affected by it, and while everybody attacked their letters as to stop the process, I attacked Torell’s name so he would be able to heal us with a clear mind. As we were clawing, slashing and smashing our letters, the roof of the dungeon caved in.

Weakened and stunned, we saw the Splatterman ghost looking at us through the rubble. The Splatterman seemed to be targeting Torell with his supercharged magic missiles. While everybody went to fight the Splatterman with various arrows and charms, I healed Torell and then Urul. After a lengthy battle with the Splatterman and his skeleton militia, we vanquished the Splatterman and any part of him from the earth. Afterwards, we healed and continued.

We found the Mosswater Marauder, and with the Marauder’s hammer, Death From Above knocked out the evil spirit with the help of Urul and Elvis. We then found the torture room, complete with an iron maiden and various other heinous torture devices. Among the bloodstained instruments of pain, we found Warden Hawkran’s body. And we found out that he was tortured to death by the rioting prisoners.

We then returned Warden Hawkran’s badge to Vesorianna to have the authority of her dead husband. Vesorianna thanked us and banished the ghosts haunting Harrowstone. She then realized she could finally leave and move on to the afterlife.

Until next time, these are the Harrowstone Accords and this is Asher signing off.

-Asher (Max)


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