“Shelving” Characters in the Guild

03 Jan

old-libraryThis has been an option in the Guild, but I haven’t posted about it before: you can “shelve” your character in the Guild.

So you’ve leveled up. You want to try a different character, but you also don’t want to part with that character who has great stats?

You can “shelve” the character for later!

Remember: you can only have have one active character at a time in the Guild. But, so long as your old character didn’t die, you can return to that character later at any time. This is considered a substitution: so the Death Tax applies, EXCEPT when you are leveling up.

All the characters you’ve had that have not died are already on your “shelf.”

When you return to an old character, that character levels up to your current Guild Level. Its equipment and wealth either stay the same, or are replaced by an amount equal to your Guild Account — your choice.

You may NOT trade or share equipment among your current and “shelf” characters.

-Your Generous and Patient Grandmaster

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Posted by on January 3, 2016 in Announcements


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