Haunting of Harrowstone, Part 4: Our Encounter with the Haunts

02 Jan

The party’s cleric of Sarenrae continues his chronicle about their adventures into Harrowstone…

18th day of Neth, 4715 AR

Father Charlatan

Asher looked, and got quite a fright when he saw the ghost of Father Charlatan floating behind me with his hand on my shoulder…

After I realized that I could very well be cursed, we decided to keep exploring, and we went to try to complete the map of the first floor.

We found nothing else to explore on the first floor sadly, so we made a decision to go upstairs. As we neared the steps, a large group of skeletons came down the stairs and tried to attack us. I bestowed upon them the light of Sarenrae, and half of them decided they prefererd the dark and crumbled to dust. Urul ran forth with his greataxe and chopped one in half. Death from Above (DFA), Asher and Elvis Jr. were right behind him. They went into the fray and we emerged triumphant, with the skeletons just piles of bones at our feet.

We saw a room with a desk and chairs surrounded by bars and with a small gate on one side. A hellhound graced us with its presence when we came upstairs, and we decided to grace it with arrows and steel. Elvis, Jr. decided to play the Piper of Illmarsh’s flute to see if he could use it to control the hellhound, but he ended up attracting 5 stirges which just flew around lazily, then latched onto DFA. I burned two of them to a crisp with my fire bolts, while DFA tried to chop them up with his swords.

The hellhound tried to flee, but our paladin, Asher, smote evil and while it was swimming away, with one perfect arrow, he ended it. It had jumped down from the broken edge of building to the small lake that was the west side. We found 26 gold pieces on its body.

Meanwhile, the stirges continued to attack DFA and Elvis’s eyeballs started bleeding, which looked horribly painful. He stopped playing though, and we moved on.

We searched the top floor, and found that it was mostly cells, with a kitchen, large storeroom, and the guard post we saw when we first went in. As we were looking through the cells, with Urul using his new thieves’ tools he had taken from the room with the prisoners’ possessions. Our procedure for entering a room is me detecting any magic that may or may not be in the room, Asher detecting any evil that may or may not be in the room, and everyone else searching thoroughly. So we looked about and found a skeleton wrapped in chains and holy symbols: Father Charlatan. Asher detected an evil presence behind me. I immediately took the Splatter Man’s spellbook out and looked at it, but the evil aura was still behind me.

Asher looked, and got quite a fright when he saw the ghost of Father Charlatan floating behind me with his hand on my shoulder. I cast Detect Undead, and saw him floating there. I immediately channeled my holy might, knowing it harmed ghosts and haunts. Sure enough, he flickered a little and got fainter. I used my second-to-last channel of the day, and he faded away. We checked around, but the evil aura was gone. A little shaken, but still okay, we kept looking through the cells and the halls.

Piper of Illmarsh

Elvis was paralyzed, and he saw the Piper of Illmarsh floating toward him.

Then we realized we could return to Vesorianna and see if she knew more about these cursed items. She said that they might weaken or distract the ghosts that they once belonged to when used. We decided that if we encountered another haunt we would try to use the items to our advantage. While we were searching again, we found many skeletons in the cells, but nothing of use or significance. As we were nearing the end of the cells we were searching, we all heard flute music coming from the end of the hallway.

Quite a few of the skeletons awoke and attacked us with their claws. Elvis was paralyzed, and he saw the Piper of Illmarsh floating toward him. I was a little panicked and I cast hide from undead on myself, DFA and Urul. We fought them off, and then once we had killed all of the skeletons, the music stopped and we fled the prison.

We went back to town and rested until night, and at night we patrolled for the letter-writer. DFA flew above us, and we all patrolled the streets. At about 12:30, I heard barking and a guard yelling for Old River to come back. Old River was a dog that slept in the middle of the town and he meant a lot to the townsfolk and also their kids. He barked, then I heard a whimper, and then silence. DFA dived down and alerted us as to where he was, while we all ran toward the source. When DFA got there, there was a house with the door wide open, and he heard a scream inside. The upstairs window broke and a dark figure jumped out with a four year old child. He started running, and DFA swooped down and slashed him in the back.

We arrived and I quickly healed the dog, who was bleeding out on the street, and the kid. I used all of my most powerful spells, and prayed and prayed, but the child was dead, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. We knocked out the man, and it turned out he was one of the villagers who had stood up for us when the town had distrusted us.


The spirit planchette.

Later, Kendra came up to us and said that she had gotten the Ouija board to work. She found old tomes in her mother’s library describing it as a “spirit planchette.” We went to her house and she said we could ask three questions. We first asked how many Whispering Way members were in the town, and it responded with a clear 1. We asked what their name was, but the spirits refused to answer, also refusing on our last question, when we asked if they were alive. I must go now, I will try to update this when I can.

-Torell Eckhart (Marco)

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