Haunting of Harrowstone, Part 3: Losing Time

01 Jan

harrowstoneThe party’s aasimar paladin continues our tale…

17th day of Neth, 4715 AR

My name is Asher and I am telling the events that have transpired while I am in the town of Ravengro and its haunted jail, Harrowstone.

The adventuring team tried to stop the ghost of the Splatter Man from writing Vesorianna’s name. But while Death From Above, Torell, and Urul were watching the town and Elvis and I were guarding Sybil’s house, a hypnotized farmer was able to sneak past and write “R” on the Temple of Pharasma. The next day, disappointed at not being able to stop him from writing a letter, our heroes advance to the prison to find out more about the ghost’s past.

While they are in the dark corridors of the prison, our heroes stumble upon a variety of rooms. Inside one room are two poltergeists who our heroes quickly dispatch. In another room, they find a vicious invisible will-o-wisp who only I could see and attack so we decide to retreat from the incorporeal monster. Next, we find a room that appears to be an auditorium or showroom where a cold presence filled the stage that made some of our team members afraid.

We find two adjoining rooms, the first contains a fire elemental that the team quickly vanquishes, and the second room was a heavily-locked room containing prisoners belongings. We looked through the belongings to find a handaxe, spellbook, flute, hammer, and a bunch of holy symbols. We started to look through the objects when Torell realized that his name was written in blood in the spellbook and a haunting realization dawned upon the group.

-Asher (Max)

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