Iron Gods (The Divinity Drive) #11: Ship’s Heart

06 Nov

After starting the Iron Crown Tournament, Ashtael rejoined our heroes and entered the command deck of the derelict starship. Their story is continued by one of the party’s new members, Belial…

15th day of Erastus, 4716 AR

R.I.P. R.O.M.U.L.U.S.

R.I.P. R.O.M.U.L.U.S.

The room was dim, the lights overhead sputtering and flickering.  We had lost a member of our party, Romulus, when wires reached out from the wall and sucked him inside. We hadn’t seen him after that. That was four days ago. Now, as we wandered the deck we decided to come up with a game plan.

“We need to advance our attempts at disrupting and stopping Unity,” said Ashtael. “If we don’t think of a plan we will accomplish nothing.” I agreed. We decided that it was time to destroy another one of Unity’s commanders.

Pushing deeper into the ship, we encountered a metal body resembling our lost friend. “Romulus? Is that you?” However, when it turned around it was not the face of a friend that we saw. Corrupted by sin, we had no choice but to destroy the monstrous creature that impersonated our ally. I urged Amon (once M0n5t3r) to the fight and he unleashed blistering shots on to the scum. Ashtael ran to it and hacked in diagonally down and then finished the cut with a sharp pull. We felt sad at the destruction of a previous companion, but we knew that it was what he would have wanted.

As the group made its way forward we saw someone, lurking in the shadows far behind us. We came around a corner and then readied ourselves, only to see an innocent woman come around with shock on her face.

“Wait! Don’t Shoot! I want to adventure with you guys!” said Lillith, a slayer. We looked her over for a bit but then we realized that she was a harmless youngster.

“Sure kid, you can come along with us.”  She wasn’t that notable, a slayer that seemed fit to these kinds of techno type areas. She never seemed to stand still, bouncing around on her feet and bragging about how much she could do within a single attack. We moved on, eager to give her the fight he wanted.

A hallway later we found it: a wall full of turrets and lasers, ready to shoot. Lillith got shot up and instantly moved out of the line of fire, while the rest of us dismantled the turrets. A gigantic carnivorous ooze leaked into the room, and it was Lillith’s time to shine. She ran up, spun, and fired at the beast. Her arrow sunk into the meat of the creature, but it didn’t seem to mind that much. We also blasted upon the creature, slamming into it with spells, balls of energy, and flat-out blades. The thing died as a bubbling pile of goop.


A gargoyle with a nuclear resonator fired waves of death at us…

Suddenly Gargoyles burst through the other doors. They fired spells at us and whispered words of disaster into our minds’ ears. I sped Ashtael to the maximum, and he sped forward, ripping the monsters to shreds with his swords. The things retreated into the shadows of a hallway, trying to bait us into following them. We moved up, but they hit us so hard we had to temporarily retreat. We then came back up and slammed up against their defenses, pushing them farther and farther back.

In the next room, there was a gargoyle with a nuclear resonator. It fired waves of death at us, hurting mildly but not enough to make us give up. Dantalion (once Viole) put his soul into one of the gargoyles, making it fire at its allies while the rest of them were confused and damaged from all sides, with Lillith even helping a bit. The monsters were so disrupted that they almost started to attack each other in honest, but sadly they withheld themselves.

The leader, Rayaldach, tried to regain control of the situation, but a well-placed arrow ripped into his skull and his head flopped back limply, the body crumbling to the ground and flopping like a puppet without strings. We destroyed the rest of the stone things in the end, and we now had full control of the Command Deck.

With new knowledge and members, we were ready to end the reign of Unity.

 – Rick Steel (Zack B.)


XP so far:

Amon – 1,354,305
Ashtael Valjakra – 1,402,678
Belial – 1,166,959
Dantalion -1,057,938
Lillith – 835,970
Roger Maxson – 1,013,828

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