Rappan Athuk #2: The Mouth of Doom

29 Oct

11th day of Lamashan, 4715 AR

This is my first entry in this journal. I figure that if I die, then someone will find this journal and have a written record of what happened in this dungeon.

After our group met up, in Pizzatown, we went to the docks to find a ship to take us down the river. We saw a barge called “The Brawler” and went over to see if they were going where we desired. We saw a huge man on board, making preparations to leave. We went over and asked him about a passage down the river. He introduced himself as Beoric the Whale, and was happy to take us down the river provided we helped on his barge. We set off the next day, gliding down the river, with Drun Kensaler swimming next to us.

We soon arrived at a small settlement called Zelkor’s Ferry, on a little islet on the river. We spent the night there and met two other adventures, a warrior named Benjamin and a little gnome wizard named Corwyn. We then decided that we would accompany them to the Mouth of Doom, another dungeon near Rappan Athuk.

"It's a Donkey Rat!"

There was a long hallway, and Vv let his donkey rat (Ugh, the gross thing) scamper down it.

We set off on foot the next day, and on the way we encountered a pack of wolves. We killed them, to my regret. They could not withstand the hail of arrows we had sent to them. We then went on, to find a trail of huge footsteps, which led to a dead ogre. It had clearly been killed weeks ago and smelled vile.

We moved on, following a smaller set of footprints, until we found the cave. It was a huge demon face carved into stone, its mouth agape with an angry snarl. The mouth was a gap some ten feet high. We cautiously ventured inside, all our weapons drawn. Inside was a set of rough-hewn stone steps leading down. We took them down, and at the bottom was a boxy room with many doors.

When I went to open one, a set of metal bars slid down in behind me, and it was only by the skin of my teeth that I was able to avoid being trapped. We decided to explore another one, and the door wasn’t trapped so we went through the door. There was a long hallway, and Vv let his donkey rat (Ugh, the gross thing) scamper down it. He had it on a leash though,  which turned out to be a good thing when a pit trap opened below it.

At the end of the hallway, there were two ways we could go: left or right. We continued going right, into another identical hallway. I went on and at the end of the second hallway, there was the same left-right junction. I went right, then walked a little bit, and stopped. Something had just run past me. I looked around, and realized it was just the donkey rat. He ran on ahead, with Vv behind him with the leash, and triggered yet another pit trap. I walked up to inspect it, and (it was in the middle of another T junction like the last 2) noticed someone on the right.

They led us to their hoard with our swords at their backs, but it was really just an ambush! Their master, who also had a large amount of orcs with him...

They us led us to the hoard with our swords to their backs, but

He called out to me and asked me what I was doing here. I said I was just adventuring alone (he didn’t see or hear my comrades back behind me). I saw a couple of other people come up behind him, and he pulled out his sword. He told me to give him all of my gear or else. I quickly ran back and fired off a shot with my bow. Vv and Gaige quickly came over and helped me fight them off. Soon they had been reduced to two sniveling crooks, whom we learned robbed adventurers who came into this dungeon. They also said that they had a hoard that had a lot of gold and treasure. They led us to it with our swords at their backs, but it was really just an ambush!

They had led us to their master, who also had a large amount of orcs with him. We laid waste to them and also him, but Benjamin was knocked out in the process. Their master, Tall Jack Rat, led us to the actual treasure trove, where we found armor and gold. We then brought them back to the small islet town and Benjamin and Corwyn left to go spend their gold.

We then met a powerful wizard who decided to adventure with us, but he got two shares of the loot. We went back to the dungeon, and this time went to the same area.

One of the thieves had mentioned a room full of zombies, and we decided to go in there. Inside there was quite a few, but they were no problem and were rotting on the floor in no time. In the middle was a large sarcophagus. We cracked it open, and there was a skeletal arm. Vv slashed it with his sword and it quickly was pulled back. The wizard just blasted it with fire, and there was a fwoosh, and then when we opened it fully — there lay the remains of another zombie.

Next, we went to an area with a door covered in odd glistening slime. There was a chain gauntlet stuck to the floor around it, because there was also the slime on the floor around it too. I opened the door by using a 10 foot pole as a lever, and it was stuck fast to it. There was an entire room covered in the odd stuff, and in the middle was a large wood chest. We quickly devised a plan to use the clothes the zombies had to make a path (because clearly anything that touched the goo was instantly stuck to it) to the chest. Gaige walked across it and opened the chest to find loads and loads of gold.

We collected the gold and moved on. In the next room we saw a set of armor, some arrows and a jewel floating in mid-air. We looked at it closer and noticed that it was a cube shaped ooze! I must go now, I will try to write later.

-Valestar (Marco)

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