Razor Coast #37: The Search for the Stolen Amulet (A Love Story)

12 Sep

After last week’s encounter with the Pirate King, our heroes rushed home to find fire giants and an earth elemental attacking their home! Nolgrin’s earth elemental, Elliott, who was minding the hearth at the time, tells the last chapter of our tale. (Or is it?) — GM

18th day of Neth, 4713 AR


After arresting Lily, we escorted a large portion of the treasure we got from the Pirate King to Cheliax.

I was out hunting weasels under the basement when I felt tremors on the roof. I burrowed up to investigate, but as I was going up the stairs, a possessed one of my own kind stopped me and snatched Nolgrin’s amulet! He burrowed away soon after, and I tried my best to stop him but after a few punches he knocked me out.

While I was unconscious, I dreamed that I was flying. Soaring through the air and twirling with the wind, I was having a great time until a rainbow started chasing me. I flew away as fast as I could, but the rainbow was gaining, slicing straight through clouds with the ferocity of a laser beam. It soon caught up to me, stopped me in my tracks, and opened its multicolored jaws.

I woke up lying on the floor as Nolgrin was healing me. What a weird dream. There was this depressed, quiet guy next to Nolgrin named Killian saying something about the history of his amulet and how it made people invincible. I wasn’t really listening since I was too focused on that dream. A sentient rainbow? Trying to eat me? What on earth would make my subconscious think of that?

We were going to search for the amulet thief, but the Chelish diplomat came back and we had to talk with him. Nolgrin was in pieces about the loss of his amulet, so occasionally he slipped into Dwarven and I had to translate for him. The conversation was mostly boring stuff about debts and deadlines, but it got interesting when Lily decided to kick the diplomat in the shins. Unsurprisingly, the diplomat was pissed and demanded that Lily be executed since he had diplomatic immunity. The others were trying to calm him down for some reason but I thought that he had a point so I handcuffed Lily as a compromise.

We escorted a large poertion of the treasure we got from the Pirate King to Cheliax, and during the journey we had the first marriage ever between a Tulita and Continental on board our ship. She also gave birth. (Good thing we had a midwife.) At the pier of Egorian, we met a member of their High Council who accepted our treasure.

Some of us talked about whom the amulet thief might be.

“I hope it’s not that creepy shapeshifter,” said Munahele.

“Great, you jinxed it. It would have just been a tribe of goblins or something if you didn’t say anything.” snapped Mallan.

“How could a goblin tribe control a powerful earth elemental?” asked Reyda Vance.

“Hush! Do you hear that?” whispered Rukus.

The big cauldron above us started rumbling. A moment later we found ourselves face to face with a gang of fire giants. Finally a foe that was smaller than me so I could use my awesome blow ability! I knocked one of the giants off of his feet and climbed into the cauldron so I could do the same to another one, but the others killed her before I could do anything and I had to climb back down. After the fight, the midwife from the ship showed up and turned into a dragon wearing the amulet (I guess Munahele did jinx it). Another battle ensued and we eventually killed it, but then the amulet glowed and the shapeshifter came back to life! So Nolgrin was invincible all this time he had the amulet! That knowledge really would have helped in Espur.


Stealing the amulet and killing the shapeshifter all over again was hard work, but we did it. Nolgrin was weeping tears of joy when he held his amulet one more. Reyda Vance wanted one of her pets to keep it, but we thought that was a stupid idea since Nolgrin has had that amulet since he was a child and would go insane without it. Besides, who could keep the amulet from the wrong hands better than Nolgrin?

Well, it’s time to do some boring governing work, so that’s all for now. But who knows– another adventure could be right around the corner. After all, it’s Port Shaw. Anything could happen.

Burrowing off,
Elliott (Nate)

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