Razor Coast #35: Carcass

21 Aug

frost giant7th day of Neth, 4713 AR

When we last left our heroes, their numbers had severely dwindled due to Sarisa’s death, Gwenelyth’s suicide and Erynis’ retirement. But after defeating the Queen’s Hand, the remaining heroes ventured into town to tell the town of the great losses they had trying to save the town. They found out that Sarisa had been tricked into summoning Pele.

When they were in the bar, two people, Munahele and Reyda Vance of the Ash Veil, said they had seen someone disguised as the deceased Gwenlyth, and they tried to fight her but she teleported away. They went immediately to the bar, where the heroes found out that these were the presidents of their fan club. When the heroes announced Sarisa was dead, a strix swooped down from the rafters and said that she was Sarisa’s ex-lover Mallan, and that sarisa had been writing letters to her.

When they were in the bar, it came up that apparently Fort Stormshield had been raided by pirates so the heroes, now including Munahele, Reyda Vance and Mallan, went to go get the pirate culprit behind this, the pirate king Swarthy-eyed Stimson.

This took them to an island of floating wrecks called Carcass, where they met a giantess hustler named Ilga. The heroes had to end up killing her. This angered her tribe of giants so much they came after the heroes. Luckily they were able to come to an agreement with the frost giants to help them get the pirate king.

– an independent out of sight narrator signing off (Max! –GM)


XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 562,346
Calypso – 561,734
Mallan – 419,493
Munahele – 490,893
Nolgrin – 575,837
Reyda Vance of the Ash Veil – 491,893
Rukus – 553,037

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4 responses to “Razor Coast #35: Carcass

  1. Emmett

    August 21, 2015 at 10:18 pm

    Why do I have less XP than Enzo, when I started at 14, and he started at 13?

  2. Enzo

    August 23, 2015 at 7:40 pm

    a mistake? (but its in my favor so i dont care)


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