Razor Coast #33: It’s Easy Being Mythic

07 Aug

30th day of Lamashan, 4713 AR


There was a lake at the top of the volcano, a clear blue lake. As soon as the group went in, they underwent strange transformations…

With the gargoyles vanquished, our heroes decided to keep exploring the island in search of the Tears of Last Remorse. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and there was their missing healer Calypso, looking even more powerful than before. They continued searching the island only to find a gargantuan T-Rex, which Erynis decided to try to tame. As she was approaching it, she realized that it would probably eat her current dinosaur companion, and decided on a tactical retreat.

We continued towards the volcano containing the Tears, when all of a sudden, a group of shambling mounds decided to attack us! Lily, Sarisa, Rukus, and Calypso went to the top of a tree, while Erynis and Nolgrin charged the mounds. Calypso cast wall of blades, Lily jumped to another tree, and Nolgrin stood in the front doing his best wall impression.

The wall of blades weed-whacked them up, while Lily blasted them with shots from her revolver. Soon they were just shredded leaves and foliage, and then Nolgrin took an overly large fruit to the head. Calypso healed the group, and they went off to the volcano.


Nolgrin noticed the T-Rex thundering up the slope of the volcano. He quickly warned the rest of the group, and they devised a plan.

When they got to the lip of the crater, they looked down and discovered that there was a lake in the crater, a clear blue lake. Lily, Rukus, Calypso, Sarisa, and Erynis took a swim, and as soon as they stepped in they underwent strange transformations. Calypso and Sarisa’s arms grew long and floppy, while Lily suddenly felt more aware, (no one knew what had happened to her) and they filled the bowl from the pillar near the gargoyles with the water. Erynis’ lips suddenly stuck together, leaving her no way to talk, while Rukus had become ethereal.

Calypso, the quick thinker she is, quickly jumped out and cast regenerate on herself, Sarisa and Erynis. Meanwhile, as Nolgrin was looking around, he noticed the T-Rex thundering up the slope of the volcano. He quickly warned the rest of the group, and they devised a plan.

As soon as it got to the edge, Lily lay into it with her revolver and knocked it over with a twin shot knock down. Calypso summoned a huge earth elemental, who, with the help of Elliott, Nolgrin’s elemental, started attacking it. Erynis and Calypso started blasting it with spell after spell, while Rukus, in his ethereal state started beating it up. Lily blasted it with another round of kick-a** shots from her revolver. Calypso tried to put a curse on it, but it bit her and decided it liked her as its chew toy and kept her in its mouth.

Alas, the combined efforts of the party were too much for the T-Rex, and it was felled by blast after blast of Lily’s OP revolver. Inside was a statue worth 40,000gp, and we celebrated our victory over the great beast. What will the great and powerful group of adventures (mainly Calypso) do next?

Signing off, Marco (Calypso)


XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 414,232
Calypso – 378,120
Erynis – 492,214
Gwenelyth – 470,948
Nolgrin – 483,094
Rukus – 441,813
Sarisa – 486,794

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4 responses to “Razor Coast #33: It’s Easy Being Mythic

  1. Nate

    August 8, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Oh, and when I was doing that “best wall impression” I happened to be blocking *every*single*one* of the dinosaur’s attacks. You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. Emmett

    August 8, 2015 at 9:09 am

    i finally don’t have the most xp


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