Iron Gods (Lords of Rust) #7: Our Home Under Siege!

29 Jul

28th day of Erastus, 4715 AR


Xanthra ran towards him, but he cast a spell, and the whole room was filled with deep darkness…

As soon as we defeated the weak robot beetles remaining, we decided to rest, while Frank (Bob’s Dad) went out to scavenge parts for his oh so important minigun mount on his horse.

We went to bed, then about one hour after Frank came back, approximately 3am, we were attacked! A sneaky little Dark Stalker came and tried to kill Tom! As he was just finishing cutting Tom’s head off, all of the sudden, he was spotted by Xanthra. She ran towards him, but he cast a spell, and the whole room was filled with deep darkness. He hit Xanthra and he did a whole lot of damage, but she was still on her feet.

She then stabbed him a couple of times and John Cena helped, but the Stalker ran away, so they were left with a more-than-half-dead Tom, and a room filled with darkness. John healed Tom a bit, then we all rested.

Two mornings later (after another day of Frank looking for spare parts), at 7am, as Xanthra was going outside to have a cup of coffee, Frank sounded the alarm! A horde of robot zombies was attacking! As Frank quickly set up his minigun, John Cena, Tom and Jerry rushed down to kill the undead threat. Xanthra, the quick thinker she is, gently put down her coffee, wiped her hands, and pulled out her longbow.

The zombies did the physically impossible and walked through Frank’s minigun, while Tom and Jerry came over and attacked while Xanthra shot her bow. After a long and hard fight, we triumphed over the zombies and had to heal quite a bit.

We then decided to go back to Torch to get more equipment, and went and bought two healing wands. When we got back, we went to fight the Lords of Rust in the arena, but realized how powerful they were, and ran away. We then enlisted the help of the Redtooth Raiders, and went off to kill the Mutant Manticore.

First, Xanthra stealthily climbed halfway up to the nest, while the 5 ratfolk and the rest of the party waited below. The manticore was then deafened and sickened by a bang grenade thrown by Xanthra, and the rest of the party shot their crossbows and guns and fireballs at it. The Manticore, quite mad, shot some spikes that knocked 1 rat out, hurt John Cena and hurt another one quite a bit. Xanthra threw another grenade, and even though it was a horrible throw, it still managed to make the manticore deafened and sickened again. The rats all shot it, and finally, it was slain.

We quickly ran to the top and found a treasure hoard with a cold iron dagger that one of the rats quickly grabbed, a green piece of metal that Frank grabbed, a ring with a ram’s head, a magical battleaxe, and some kind of advanced gun. This was a great success, and we will soon use our new items to take down the Lords of Rust.

-Xanthra the Black (Marco)


XP so far:

Bob’s Dad/Frank – 26,620
Idanaw – 24,255
Jerry – 23,455
John Cena – 33,975
Poptart – 15,829
Tom – 22,511
Xanthra the Black – 26,920

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