Razor Coast #31: Pele Has Power

24 Jul


26th day of Lamashan, 4713 AR

We continued our fight against the wizard and the necroworm queen that kept pooping smaller worms that infected dead bodies. While Erynis was casting a spell, the worm used a breath weapon that entered her mouth and prevented her from continuing the spell because of the nasty taste.

Finally, we killed the worm and the Necromancer was at 1hp. Erynis flew into the sky and changed into an earth elemental and fell on the Wizard ending the fight. With the fight done, we left the sewers.

But there was one small problem: Gwenelyth was still a worm. It took us a day and a lot of spell casting to turn Gwenelyth back to her true form.

While discussing what to do, the volcano started to steam and suspicion arose that the volcano might erupt. We devised a plan to catch the lava and route it into the craters from the great battle as a way to prevent the destruction of the city. The volcano just kept smoking more and more smoke all day until it eventually erupted the following day, sending four fire elementals who landed on the docks. There was a big battle which we eventually won.  However, everyone got burned and injured in the fight.

We found out that the fortune teller had died at the same time the volcano erupted. Someone remembered that she had said something about the waterfall and the earth mother. The earth mother told us that the volcano goddess Pele was enraged and to go to a mystical island Arakau to get the tears of last remorse and that the spirit of Turtle is protecting us. She also gave everyone in the party little trinkets: an arrowhead for me, a willow branch for Sarisa, a fang for Erynis, a corroded ring for Gwenelyth, a stone for Nolgrin, and an acorn for Rukus.

-Bob’s Mom, Lily (Torin)



XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 304,192
Calypso – 309,640
Erynis – 370,706
Gwenelyth – 419,101
Nolgrin – 396,173
Rukus – 338,773
Sarisa – 382,577

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