Razor Coast #30: TAA (a.k.a. The Annoying Assassin)

17 Jul

Sarisa returns from her duties reorganizing the Dragoons and rejoins the party, just in time to help foil an assassination attempt! *gasp* –GM

23rd day of Lamashan, 4713 AR

A picture of Sarisa because, she would want it here.

A picture of Sarisa because, well, she would want it here.

Our “Brave” leader Erynis was almost killed by a Tulita assassin in the middle of the night, but was saved by the awesome, beautiful, pretty, [did i mention beautiful] Sarisa and the mediocre Lily. Erynis burned his own room down which was fun to watch [burn, burn, burn] but the stupid assassin was teleported away from the battle by a stupid wizard who saved her [wait till i get my hands on her, she won’t have fists to punch me with, wahahaha-wahahaha].

On a nicer, sane note, we remodeled our mansion and we got to make our rooms. Gwenelyth, my kinda BFF, has a bunch of plants in her room and has a crying bucket. I, Sarisa, have the old kitchen where the love of my life Fitz was killed by the insane, magic, little girl that I brutally destroyed in the name of love and revenge [mostly revenge]. We then went shopping and got a bunch of clothes and weapons to kill people with [you know, the usual things]. Once we finished shopping, we returned to the necromancer’s crypt to kill all the undead. We investigated a library that had a staked vampire and we stole its money and loot [yay grave robbing!!!!]. Then we went to this weird little place that had a bunch of dead bodies that were getting animated by necroworms that this giant worm queen would poop out that I expertly slaughtered. Well, we will find out what happens to the pooping zombie-making worm in the next installment of “Beyond Razor Coast.”

-Sarisa (Max)



XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 258,492
Calypso – 292,573
Erynis – 331,106
Gwenelyth – 386,777
Nolgrin – 359,773
Rukus – 298,573
Sarisa – 349,377

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