Iron Gods (Lords of Rust) #5: Raiding with the Ratfolk

16 Jul

When we last left our heroes, they had deposed Birdfood who was leading the Steel Hawks gang. Tom continues their tale… –GM

13th day of Erastus, 4715 AR


We told her of our mission here in Scrapwall and her eyes lit up as we described our eventual goal to defeat the Lords of Rust.

As the sun set and the group returned, laden down by packs filled with loot and new items, I knew our time in Torch was coming to a close. Three days prior to our departure, I began to enchant Tom’s greatsword, turning it from a useless piece of junk into a magical, keen, +1 piece of junk instead. He is now severely in debt and I am severely weighed down by ca-ca-ca-cash! We had an uneventful ride and we arrived in Scrapwall ready to resume our exploits.

After our previous failed attempt to meet Dinvaya Lanalei, we returned to her clockwork church, destroyed her junk Golem, and gave tidings we’d been asked to give her by her close friend, Joram Kyte, We told her of our mission here in Scrapwall and her eyes lit up as we described our eventual goal to defeat the Lords of Rust. In return, she told us more about Scrapwall, including how a new group of adventurers calling itself “the Torch Lights” had just come to town! She told us how those Lord of Rust infidels worshiped the god “Hellion” and prayed to him for unholy spells. Personally I don’t believe much in “Gods” but I know a lot about magic, and spells like that were no good news indeed. We knew then that our quest must be fulfilled in order for Scrapwall to ever return to the way it was before.


We arrived and talked to Redtooth, their leader. She requested that we ally with them to fight the Smilers…

We went out to hunt for the fabled Mutant Manticore. We found its roost easily enough, but we saw it flying across the horizon, miles away. We attempted to light fire to its nest in order to provoke it into attacking us, but no one was able to get up to the nest over the piles of barbs, tangled wire, and sharp rusted metal. However, after failing to ignite the nest over three tries, we saw some Ratfolk in the distance. They came up to us and invited us to the hideout of the Redtooth Raiders, a gang of Ratfolk around the same size as the Steel Hawks. We arrived and talked to Redtooth, their leader. She requested that we ally with them to fight the Smilers, and while we told them they could ally with the Steel Hawks as well, they said that they had tried before and failed before.

We agreed to help them take down the Smilers and rescue Whiskifiss, Redtooth’s brother and an important member of the Raiders. We stormed the Smilers’ stronghold, now missing its powerful laser gun arm. We snuck into the area by pretending that we were slaves, and then we broke our bonds as Ratfolk rushed through the now-open front door. The men in the front room were easily dispatched, but shouts were heard coming from the next room over. We prepared our weapons and focused on the door as they charged in. They were ranks and ranks deep, but with my powerful combination of spells, I had an AC too high for them to even comprehend hitting and I stood on the front lines, laughing as they failed over and over to hit an unarmored mage. They knew the fight was taking a turn for the worse and they began to retreat, losing men as they ran. Our Ratfolk companions found their poorly concealed hidden door, and we pushed into the lab beyond. I was shocked to see corpses rise off of the operating tables, and even more surprised when they resisted the powerful shock of my electric grasp.

The other members of the party were able to kill the horrid zombies as we continued chase the fleeing cowards, killing even more of them as they turned the corner. We entered the room to find, to our shock, the leader of the Smilers, Marrow! We began firing upon this vile necromancer and soon demolished her and her lackeys. She was a weak spell caster at best and I wondered how she was ever able to attract followers. We wrote on the walls saying the Crimson Web was here, and we cut a frown into her face just to be ironic.


We entered the room to find, to our shock, the leader of the Smilers!

We began to explore the now empty building and soon found a room full of containers. Inside were those same zombies from before, looking suspiciously like dead Smilers but without the mechanical attachments…. hmmmm…. Anyway I was out of spells, low on health, and tired from the fights beforehand. We thought about just making a run for it but then agreed that would be no way to gain positive reputation from the citizens of Scrapwall, I mean, come on, they were just some puny zombies. Even with most of my spells expired I was still unable to be hit. I sprouted claws and took down the filth with help from the rest of the party. We also opened one of the containers to find Whiskifiss inside, trapped this whole time! With these new discoveries, alliances, and piles on piles of loot, we wondered what would be in store next time.

John Cena (Zack B.)

XP so far:Bob’s Dad – 17,710
Idanaw – 20,335
Jerry – 18,445
John Cena – 28,835
Poptart – 13,259
Tom – 14,501
Xanthra the Black – 19,310

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