Razor Coast #28: The Necromancer’s Crypt

03 Jul

29th day of Rova, 4713 AR

We marched on, or more like floated on, and I realized Lester Farrow was missing.

We marched on, or more like floated on, and I realized Lester Farrow was missing…

Our favorite grippli monk, Rukus, relates our heroes’ foray deeper into the necromancer Tarath-Vreen’s crypt beneath Port Shaw, where they attempt to stamp out an ancient menace…

It had been a long day of trudging through sewers. Then everyone seemed to be entranced by these glowing eyes in the dark.  I looked away — glowing eyes are never a good sign. I pulled off a piece of cloth from my pants — my favorite pants, too — and made a blind fold.

People were saying things about a wall of blades, and Elliott (the earth elemental) being on the other side and all that jazz. When everything seemed to quiet down, I took off my blind fold. So much for helping.

We returned to the surface, picked up the sorceress Gwenelyth, and returned to the sewers riding the boat of the guide “Captain” Lester Farrows.

“After this stunt the townsfolk better be happy,” I thought to myself. After those party crashing undead came to town they’ve been nothing but trouble, honestly: the mother of the baby i tried so hard to save died. What kind of grippli would I be if i didn’t do anything to help avenge her?

“We’re stuck in the sewer. Great, just great,” I exclaimed.

“I love the sewers! What’s not to like?”  Gwenelyth replied.

“Uh, my parents were eaten in the sewers by a giant crocodile.”  I said.

“Really?” Nolgrin asked.

“No, but my parents were still eaten by a crocodile, gripplis don’t need sewers, we don’t get cholera or giardia; in fact we thrive in it.”  I state.

Calypso just sat there in meditation,  (Wait a minute, that’s my thing!)

“But if you don’t have sewers, you are basically living in your own excrement,” she said.

“Your point?” I asked.

“You lived in the sewers then,” she retorted.

“No! It’s outdoors, no smell, it’s light out and you get a nice breeze when you take a wizz.”

“We’re coming up on the roach’s old lair, you might want to shut up.” said our toothless old guide.

“Roach’s lair?” I asked.

“Don’t ask me, I didn’t kill it.”  Nolgrin said.

“Of course not! You only arrived 5 days ago!”  Gwenelyth said, raising her voice.

“Aw shit, you woke them up,” Calypso said annoyed.  We froze.

“It was your fault,” Nolgrin said, pointing at me.

“How is it my fault!”  I said. “If anything, I blame the sewers.”

“Dude, don’t be a hater! The sewers can hear you.” said Lester Farrow.

“Wacko,” I said under my breath. Gwenelyth elbowed me in the head because I was too short for it to be my arm. Then we battled another one of the undead creatures floating over the sewer water.

We marched on, or more like floated on, and I realized Lester Farrow was missing.  Oh crap! He died!  It wasn’t a good time to think like that now, I told myself.  Got to keep marching on in his name.


“Pele people, they have power!” came a chant. The skeletons awoke. There were at least 30 of them. They swarmed us.

We ended up in a room full of flaming skeletons from the Pele tribe. “Pele people, they have power!” came a chant. The skeletons awoke. There were at least 30 of them. They swarmed us. We got out alive thanks to Gwenelyth, Calypso and Nolgrin, while I climbed across the ceiling and without help disarmed a death device with my scimitar.

We trudged on into a chamber full of giant skeleton snakes. It took a while but after we slew 7 snakes with the help of 2 earth elementals and a purple celestial dinosaur, we killed a rotting corpse dude and looted him.

Meanwhile, Elliott found a hidden chamber, and in turn, stepped on a pressure plate and sent us head on into a battle against 2 undead minotaurs. After that, we marked the tunnels and headed back to the surface.

On the way out I said, “Monsters! That’s why i hate the sewers. There are no monsters.”

“I still don’t see your point.” Gwenelyth said.


XP so far:

Bob’s Mom (Lily) – 213,692
Calypso – 265,106
Erynis – 248,706
Gwenelyth – 341,977
Nolgrin – 274,706
Rukus – 237,506
Sarisa – 286,327

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  1. Emmett

    July 4, 2015 at 11:31 pm

    Gwenelyth is the sassiest


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