Iron Gods (The Divinity Drive) #2: Exploring Divinity

27 Jun

16th day of Sarenith, 4716 AR

We’re still fighting this thing. By thing I mean gigantic robot spider tank with force field, chain guns and a plasma lance. Did I mention that it can also fly? It had already killed Roger Maxson with a single volley, the chain guns still warm after the volley raked across his chest, blood exploding everywhere. Luckily for us, Viole had been sneaking around behind us and decided to help, finally.

Viole started to murmur dark incantations and whatnot, I believe that it was a summoning spell. Romulus ran towards the robot fist forward, electricity crackled out of his hand at an alarming rate. Rick Steel ran up to the spider-like robot and swung his puny mace at it, ha pathetic. My plasma also had no effect, sadly: every volley just got absorbed by its force field. Viole finally summoned the creature, a giant t-rex.

The head of the t-rex slammed down on the spider robot and killed it instantly.

The head of the t-rex slammed down on the spider robot and killed it instantly.

The head of the t-rex slammed down on the spider robot and killed it instantly. I suddenly ran up to it to begin extraction of its plasma lance and chain guns. My eyes glowed with delight as I saw the energy core still intact. No one wanted to know anything about Viole, no one cared, he was just some wizard guy who came to help.

We left the scene to rest and get prepared for another battle. I managed to purchase a revolver and 50 adamantium bullets. When I hold it I feel primitive, gross. *straightens bathrobe* Were walking up silver mount now. The looming doors lay ahead of us, I walked up to the key port and slid the orange card across it. BEEP* a green light flashed and I heard voices behind the door, the others heard them and drew their weapons.

I hold my hand up. “Stop, let me see if I can handle this.” I walk in, plasma thrower in hand. I can see several barricades set up, 2 at my sides, 1 in front. A woman stood in front of me. She was from Technic League and had an X-Laser.



A woman stood in front of me. She was from the Technic League and had an X-Laser. “Identify.”

I take out my badge “M0nt53r.”

“I never see you at the complex”

“I do… jobs for Zernibeth.”

“Who are your companions?”

“Zernibeth said that I had to assemble a team to go into the ship so I picked my trustworthy companions.”

“I must report to Zernibeth.”

“May I join you?”

After a quick talk with Zernibeth, I return to the group and begin to eat the “heroes’ feast” that Rick Steel prepared. It tasted like nothing; I wish androids could taste. We learned of a couple giants who defected from the Technic League which were camped in the cafeteria. After the tasteless dinner we left for the cafeteria.

There was a small port on the side of it that I knew was for charging weapons. I plugged my rifle in for a couple seconds until it was fully charged. While we opened the door, Viole started summoning a t-rex, again. As the door opened the t-rex got summoned and charged straight down the hallway, looks like we found the giants! I ran into the hallway and immediately shot 4 rounds into one of the giants stomachs. He roared in agony as Romulus charged in and jabbed him in the burned wound I created. But then dickhole Rick Steel screamed and I couldn’t see or hear anything, fucking asshole, sorry. From what I heard while I was blinded I successfully blasted a giants face off. When the spell wore off we continued our adventure.


Viole flipped gravity and Romulus was fighting lashuntas on the ceiling.

We found a server room that led to the graviton reactor. After that we got into a quick fight with a plasma orb. I kept on shooting it and Romulus of course punched it and the wizard kept on hasting us and also turned it into a small purple squirrel. The best part was when we found the graviton lab, we found a GRAVITON LAB. I was so overjoyed, but sadly we had to leave already.

When we left from our ride on the monorail we were in the bio pod. We battled with lashuntas riding weird dinosaurs. Viole flipped gravity and Romulus was fighting lashuntas on the ceiling. I kept on shooting with my plasma gun and we eventually killed all but one. Viole made a wall of fire around our subject and Rick Steel walked through the fire and began questioning.

– By M0n5t3r (Nick R-F, bringing you crappy rightups since 2013)


XP so far:

Invitavit Mentibus – 631,340
M0n5t3r – 706,040
Rick Steel – 639,540
Roger Maxson – 545,840
Romulus – 601,540
Viole – 563,540

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