Iron Gods (Lords of Rust) #2: Origin of the Crimson Web

23 Jun

After stealing from the other adventuring party an android head and gun last week, our heroes now steal the other party’s quest and leave Torch for the gang-run town of Scrapwall! John Cena (Zack) relates what happened next! –GM

19th day of Sarenith, 4715 AR

Guess What? Things just got better. After wrecking the other noob party, Tom ran off to find his “greatsword” though I don’t see what’s so great about it if it can’t even kill people like those scrubs. Anyway, we made a tedious alliance with the local gang, the Ropefist Thugs, putting their name on our work so that we would get away clean. However, we soon realized that with those fools gone, we could be the ones going to Scrapwall to take on these Lords of Rust.


Over the wall, Xanthra saw disfigured cultist thugs roasting some type of flesh while surrounded by bodies of slain guards.

We ventured out, hoping that Tom, Bob’s Dad, and Poptart would soon catch up with us, and we journeyed day and night until one evening we were attacked by some snickty snakes! Naturally, we wrecked them too and soon had some more food for our journey. We eventually reached an odd fort, named Aldronard’s Grave that apparently had a “Plague.” Xanthra decided that this didn’t seem quite right, so she climbed the wall and proceeded to receive quite a shock from what she found. To distract the guard during this time, I had to fake being a mute, witchdoctor, and even full-out charge the man. However, Xanthra was promptly noticed when she began to attack the thugs, receiving a gas grenade for her efforts. I easily sprouted claws and climbed the wall to go to her aid, though some other members of the party had a bit of a problem with this menial task.

Once I reached the top of the wall, I negated the effects of the gas through sheer power of will and mind, moving to a safer area to try and spot the enemies. When Striker reached the top, he was almost immediately overwhelmed by the gas and had to run to cover. As we looked for our cowardly foes, the burned roof collapsed under us and we fell into the stables of the fort. After we burst open the doors, shot two of the henchmen and bombarded the hatchet-armed man into oblivion (it took like 10 shots to kill him!), we saved one thug, tied him, and let the rest bleed to death.

Meanwhile, I helped free the surviving members of the fort and extract information involving these cultists. We learned what little information this so called paladin knew, though he seemed to be nothing more than a dressed up nobody. APPARENTLY, this fort was haunted and we were to stay out of the collapsed church at night. I thought of the clever plan to deceive the lost spirit into thinking we were Seranrae, which Xanthra instantly stole and “Built on.”

As night fell Xanthra went on to use my plan on the lost spirit of Aldronard, gaining a non-mentioned boon from Sarenrae which would have HEALED MY ANNOYING SCAR.

As night fell Xanthra went on to use my plan on the lost spirit of Aldronard, gaining a non-mentioned boon from Sarenrae which would have HEALED MY ANNOYING SCAR.

I proceeded to interrogate the captive we took earlier. Based on his answers and those of the Paladin, we learned that he was a member of the Smilers, a gang in Scrapwall that required its members to carve their faces into grotesque smiles, leading them to form an addiction to pain relievers. Members of this gang are also cannibals, which explains the meat hanging over the fire…. He also told us that the Smilers had raided this place, Aldronard’s Grave, to gain position and reputation among the Lords of Rust, which was now the lead gang. Finally, the Smiler told us of the other gangs in Scrapwall: the Lords of Rust, the Redtooth Raiders, and the Steel Hawks. In exchange for this information, he demanded Relief in the form of his drug. He was a simple addict, with a special taste for soothe.

After getting pressured into by my party, I preceded to taste and use the drug on my wound. BAD IDEA. Instant scar with low healing to match, and it turns out you can get addicted to something by using ONE. SINGLE. DROP.OF.IT. As night fell Xanthra went on to use my plan on the lost spirit gaining a non-mentioned boon from Seranrae which would have HEALED MY ANNOYING SCAR. As the night began turn reach its climax, I instructed the thug to go spread word of out new “Gang,” THE CRIMSON WEB. He was never seen or heard from again. As I fell into my fever-drug addled sleep, I cursed whatever god(s) above that had brought this fate upon me. ( Yeah that means you.)  (-_-)

John Cena (Zack)

XP so far:

Bob’s Dad – 11,151
John Cena – 14,318
Poptart – 9,501
Striker – 12,218
Tom – 11,901
Xanthra the Black – 13,418

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