Iron Gods (Lords of Rust) #1: The Wrecking of the Other Adventuring Party

17 Jun

The Town of Torch

Xanthra the Black, elven sister of Poptart and daughter of Torch councilman Khonnir Baine, recounts what happens at the town celebration honoring the adventuring party that had restored the Torch that gives the town its name. Their long-lost brother, Bob’s Dad, had just arrived, along with the cyber-soldier Tom and the sorcerer John Cena. The town leaders gave the heroes Technic League medals of honor and announced they would next investigate the junkyard called Scrapwall to end the source of the troubles once and for all.

12th day of Sarenith, 4715 AR

We wrecked the previous adventuring party really badly. First, we were at the town fair, just minding our own business (doing backflips), when they started insulting us (the rogue who is me), and so naturally, we (me) flipped them the bird. This led to some fighting, which was ended by a grudging peace.

We then journeyed to the tech dealer Sanvil Trett, who happened to have the other adventuring group over and they were having an android head, some odd metallic spheres and a strange gun that they found inspected. Naturally, we decided to spy on them, so while I peeked through a window, Bob’s Dad listened through the door. He was nearly spotted when one member of the group, a frog person (grippli) opened the door. After they left, because my rogue is a native to the town, we went in and had a nice chat with the tech dealer and found out what he had for sale.

Then we went to the town tavern for drinks, and happened upon the other adventuring group. Our sorcerer, John Cena, just so happened to “spill” his drink on one of the other party’s members, and, well, it turned into “who can hit the other person more than they can hit you.”

As my rogue made away with their bag with their android head and the other technological items, we beat them up again. We decided to make an example of them and knocked the grippli and their cleric unconscious. We then decided that we would hunt them down and give them all a nice beating.

Xanthra the Black (Marco)

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