Tournament: Here Are Our Quarter-Final Match-Ups!

26 Mar
Picture from ArtInFocus

Picture from ArtInFocus

Samuel, Mattiwos and Mattiwos’ lion vanquished their opponents and have advanced to the Quarter Finals!

For the Quarter Finals, we will be using the Battle Chess arena!

Here are our characters for the Quarter Finals! All the matches are scheduled for Monday, April 6, with the exception of the Athos/Devon vs. Kieran/Mattias match, which will be on Wednesday, April 8.

Quarter-Final Matches, 4/6 and 4/8:

GM’s cheat sheet

The 5 Time Champions, Moises/Drab + Zander/Regnar (#1) VS.
Mattiwos/Grandmaster + Samuel/Barbarian (#9)
Spells for Moises/Drab and Mattiwos/Grandmaster

Eli/Trd5 + Tyler/Bloodrager (#4) VS.
Thosez Who Hugsez Catsez and Hasez Goodz Grammerz, Conor/Fierani Demon Hunter + Enzo/Heliaz Reece (#5)
Spells for Eli/Trd5, Tyler/Bloodrager, Conor/Fierani Demon Hunter, and Enzo/Heliaz Reece

Haggis and Sausage Wrapping, Athos/Fighter + Devon/Wizard (#2) VS.
Kuninkaat Sotaan,
Kieran/Mestarimiekka + Mattias/Irice (#7)
Spells for Devon/Wizard and Mattias/Irice

Magma Blast, Nate/Nethatho + Reuben/Sorcerer (#3) VS.
Aaaaaahh, Alix/Pretty Margaret + Otto/Healbot (#6)
Spells for Reuben/Sorcerer and Otto/Healbot

The prize is 30 XP and advancement to the Semi Finals!


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