Our FINALS Arena: “You’re Grounded!”

16 Mar

ARENA - Level 10I’m using REUBEN’S arena because it gives interesting choices for using the terrain to one’s advantage and it doesn’t overshadow the characters’ abilities.

Also, I am adding that magical flight is not allowed. Muahahahah!

  • VICTORY CONDITION: Kill your enemies.
  • OVERVIEW: There is a ceiling 20 feet above ground level (i.e., you cannot fly above the reach of Large or larger creatures standing 20’ below). Magical flight (i.e. the spell fly and other powerful flying magic) does not work in this arena. Nonmagical means of flight (wings, etc.) do work normally.
  • INITIAL SETUP: The teams’ characters start in the corners (one team at the top, the other at the bottom).
    • Elevated walls (diagonal lines) surround the arena and are 10 feet above ground level.
    • The central tower is surrounded by a small hill (2x movement cost to walk up hill) with 10-foot ladders around it. Standing on top of the central tower and concentrating (move action) heals you 5 hp.
    • Ladders lead up the walls and the central tower. A DC 0 Climb check allows you to climb it at ¼ speed. Take a -5 penalty to climb at ½ speed. When you are climbing, you are flat-footed. If you are damaged while climbing, immediately make a DC 0 Climb check or fall prone.
    • Rivers of black water (vertical lines) run from left to right and are 20 feet deep. A bridge can be lowered (move action to pull lever) across each river. Touching the bottom of the river (free action) makes you teleport to the same spot on the opposite side (i.e., from top of the picture to the bottom, and vice versa).
    • Barriers (rectangles with squiggly lines) are four feet high and provide cover (+4 AC, +2 Reflex) to Medium creatures. Small creatures get double these bonuses; Large creatures get half.
    • Rising platforms (squares with diamond shapes inside) rise 10 feet in the air for 2 rounds when you step on them, then come back down. From there, you must have 10’ reach to hit a Medium creature standing at ground level with a melee attack, and a Medium creature needs to jump up 5’ (DC 20 Acrobatics, double this if there isn’t 10’ space to get a running start) to be able to hit you, and you get cover (+4 AC). Melee attacks from higher elevations get a +1 bonus to attack.
    • The smiley faces are actually NOT at those locations: see “Traps” below.
  • JUMPING: Jumping from one area to the next requires an Acrobatics check where the DC equals the number of feet you are jumping. If you don’t have 10 feet of room (without obstacles) before your jump, this DC doubles. To jump down, do a DC 15 Acrobatics check to avoid taking 4 damage for falling 10’ and falling prone. Landing in water means you take no damage.
  • RANDOM, HIDDEN TRAPS! The central area between the rivers has hidden traps! The GM rolls a d20: for every square walked through, there is an increasing chance of triggering a trap. (For example, moving 4 squares means you have a 4 in 20 chance to trigger a trap.) The GM secretly tracks what squares have been walked on.
    • You can walk half speed to get a chance of spotting a trap with a free DC 20 Perception check (rogues with the Trapspotter rogue talent don’t have to move at half speed).
    • The trap “pops” you up into the ceiling, doing 8 damage and making you prone (DC 20 Reflex avoids).
  • SWIMMING: The water is calm and 10 feet deep. It is a DC 10 Swim check to move ¼ your speed. (One check per round). Being in water gives you improved cover (+8 AC, +4 Reflex) against above-water attacks. Being completely underwater gives you total cover against above water attacks. Other creatures under water can attack you, but melee attacks are at -2 and do half damage unless they do piercing damage, and ranged attack are at -2 for every 5’ they travel. Spells through water are affected in various ways (see Core Rulebook); fire spells do not work.

-Your Omniscient and Omnipotent Grandmaster

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