New Game in the Guild: People vs. Zombies!

22 Feb

plants-vs-zombiesThanks to Devon, I have now been exposed to the game Plants vs. Zombies. It gave me ideas for the kind of game I’ve been thinking of making for the Guild!

BETA RULES for People vs. Zombies (Version 0.1)

GOAL: Destroy everyone and everything on the other side.

TEAMS: One team is the “People” team, and the other team is the “Zombies.” Each team has 4 players. The People team starts with four Level 1 characters. The Zombies team starts with 1600 XP worth of creatures from the Bestiary 1. No single creature can be greater than CR 3. They don’t have to be zombies, or even undead for that matter. (For higher-level games, all these things scale up.)


Each side begins with 30 Mana. With Mana, you can summon creatures or place objects. After the first round, you generate 10 Mana per turn.


Summon creatures from the summon monster list or from the summon nature’s ally list. The creatures must appear in the back 4 rows of your side and CAN take action this round (after rolling initiative). The level of the creature determines its mana cost. When you summon a creature, you cannot summon anything else for a number of rounds equal to the level of the monster. No side can ever have more than 10 creatures.

1st level – 10 Mana, Cooldown 1 round
2nd level – 30 Mana, Cooldown 2 rounds
3rd level – 50 Mana, Cooldown 3 rounds
4th level – 70 Mana, Cooldown 4 rounds
5th level – 90 Mana, Cooldown 5 rounds
6th level – 110 Mana, Cooldown 6 rounds
7th level – 130 Mana, Cooldown 7 rounds
8th level – 150 Mana, Cooldown 8 rounds
9th level – 170 Mana, Cooldown 9 rounds


We will adjust this list as we do more playing. You cannot place something on top of or underneath an existing creature. All objects must appear on your half of the mat. Here is a preliminary list:

Mana Generator (25 Mana) – adds 5 Mana to what your side generates per turn. It has AC of 5 (melee attacks against it get a +4 bonus), hardness 0, 15 hit points.
15-foot section Wooden Wall (5′ tall, gives improved cover [AC +8], hardness 5, 10 hit points, Climb DC 25) – 5 Mana, Cooldown 1 round
Trench (10 feet deep, 15 ft. by 5 ft., Climb DC 15) – 5 Mana, Cooldown 1 round

Order of Events

  1. Creature Setup: Each side reveals and places one character at a time, beginning with the People side. The Zombies side cannot reveal a monster that is stronger than any previous monster. The Zombies side knows only races and classes, BUT if the People team haven’t pre-made their characters yet, the Zombies side can see their FULL character sheets. (Each team can only place creatures in their back 4 rows.)
  2. Building Setup (5 rounds): Each side takes turns (1) generating 5 Mana and (2) placing an object that is NOT a Mana Generator. At the end, each side then has 30 Mana (you cannot “save” Mana from the Building Setup phase).
  3. Everyone rolls initiative!
  4. Group Initiative: In addition to rolling initiative for each creature, each side rules Group Initiative: d20 + the top 4 Initiative bonuses on your side. On any given turn, the group that is up first can cede the first turn to the other side.
  5. Building Phase: before any CREATURE takes an action, each side summons monsters or places objects,
  6. Action Phase: all the creatures act in initiative order.

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4 responses to “New Game in the Guild: People vs. Zombies!

  1. Emmett

    February 22, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    Did we ever end up doing dungeon defense?

    • ronaldsf

      February 22, 2015 at 10:14 pm

      We don’t have a team to go into the dungeon still

  2. enzo

    February 23, 2015 at 8:33 am

    i wanna do it! it looks cooooooooooooooooolio


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