High Council Business for this 5th day of Calistril 2015

05 Feb
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Why were people chanting “Operation Hindenburg” yesterday? I will leave the dramatics for someone who actually was there to write an account for this website. To hold us over until that EXPLOSIVE account, here is an update on Gildhaven for our High Council members.

-Ronulus, Ruler of Gildhaven

High Council meets on Mondays and submits a High Council Report to Ronulus by 3:40PM.

(We use the rules from Pathfinder RPG’s rules on Kingdoms and War.)


Operation Hindenburg has destroyed one of Cheliax’s armies, burned one of its Garrisons to the ground, and has done severe damage to their Palace!

EVENT: Magnimar invited dignitaries from Gildhaven to attend their festival! Members of the High Council showered them with 2 BP worth of gifts. Toward Magnimar: +1 Fame and +2 on edict checks for 12 turns.

UPDATE: I filled out more farms where I realized there was more room, and so instead of building 3 sawmills in forest areas, Gildhaven has built ONE sawmill just north of Soppoman.

Government: Republic
Hexes 35
Economy 78, Loyalty 58, Stability 55
Control DC 59
Consumption 13
Income Modifier +5
Unrest 0
Holiday Edict: 6 Holidays per Year (Loyalty +2, Consumption +2)
Promotion Edict: Standard Promotion (Stability +2, Consumption +2)
Taxation Edict: Light Taxation (Economy +1, Loyalty -1)

TREASURY: 59 BP (average net BP per turn: 24)

Soppoman (Capital):
Population 9,750
Defense +14
Government: Council
Qualities: None
Fame 11, Infamy 0
Corruption +0, Crime +0, Law +2, Lore +10, Society +12
Base Value 4,000gp, Purchase Limit 25,000gp
Spellcasting 6th
Terrain Improvements: Farm, Fishery, River, Road w/ Bridges
Buildings: Academy, Bank, Barracks, Castle, Cistern, City Wall, Everflowing Spring, Granary, Graveyard, Hospital, House (x4), Jail, Library, Luxury Store, Magical Academy, Mansion, Market, Mill, Mint, Moat, Paved Streets, Sewer System, Shop (x2), Smithy, Trade Shop, University, Watchtower, Waterfront

Falgrim’s Rest:
Population 2,750
Defense +0
Government: Autocracy
Qualities: Rumormongering Citizens
Corruption +0, Crime +0, Law +0, Lore +4, Society +1
Base Value 2,000gp, Purchase Limit 10,000gp
Spellcasting 5th
Terrain Improvements: Farm, Fishery, Resource, River, Road w/ Bridges
Buildings: Bank (x2), House (x3), Inn, Library, Monument, Shop, Shrine (neutral), Smithy

Angel’s Light:
Population 500
Defense +1
Government: Council
Qualities: Insular
Corruption +0, Crime -1, Law +1, Lore +1, Society +1
Base Value 0gp, Purchase Limit 2,500gp
Spellcasting 3rd
Terrain Improvements: Farm, Fishery, Road
Buildings: City Wall, House, Jail

Embassies can provide information on foreign capitals.


Wizard College Graduating Class of 2012 (Colossal wizard 4)

Sinna’s Elite Commandos (Medium fighter 4):
Sinna Greenwood: Charisma +4, Leadership 10
hp 16
Offense +4, Defense 14
Morale +0 (total +4)
Tactics: Expert Flankers, Sniper Support
Abilities: Armor Training, Bravery +1, Weapon Specialization
Resources: Healing Potions, Ranged Weapons, Masterwork Armor, Masterwork Weapons

Ian/DogeShibe’s III Army (large fighter 2):
DogeShibe III: Charisma -2, Leadership 6, Boon:
hp 16
Offense +3, Defense 13
Morale +1 (total -1)
Abilities: Bravery +1

Otto/Azog’s Army (large fighter 2):
Azog: Charisma +4, Leadership 14, Boon:
hp 16
Offense +3, Defense 13
Morale -1 (total +3)
Abilities: Bravery +1

Simon/Shata’s Army (large fighter 2):
Shata: Charisma +1, Leadership 12, Boon: Merciless
hp 16
Offense +4, Defense 13
Morale +1 (total +2)
Abilities: Bravery +1
Resources: Masterwork Weapons

Zander/Death’s Army (large fighter 2):
Death: Charisma +0, Leadership 15, Prof. (soldier) Ranks: 15, Boon: Bonus Tactic (Dirty Fighters)
hp 16
Offense +3, Defense 13
Morale +1 (total +4)
Tactics: Dirty Fighters
Abilities: Bravery +1


  1. Upkeep Phase (Wednesday: stability check, deal w/ unrest, pay costs)
  2. Edict Phase (Thursday-Sunday: building, diplomatic ventures)
  3. Income Phase (Monday: collect taxes)
  4. Event Phase (Wednesday: events, troop movements)


1 new settlement or army or army upgrade
5 new building changes (first House, Mansion, Noble Villa, or Tenement is free)
5 new terrain improvements
3 new hex claims

You can conduct Diplomatic Edicts and Trade Edicts as well.



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3 responses to “High Council Business for this 5th day of Calistril 2015

  1. Emmett

    February 6, 2015 at 4:24 pm


  2. Emmett

    February 6, 2015 at 4:24 pm

    Remember St Hinden and St Berg holy warriors and Saints of Jujyfruiticus.

  3. Nate

    February 7, 2015 at 7:35 am

    You should build some more stuff in angel’s light. Also build a moat somewhere. They’re cheap and effective.


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