See the New Magic Items in Gildhaven!

31 Jan

magic-items2We now have shops in Gildhaven that have specific lists of magic items available. (You can also reach it by hovering over the word “Adventuring Gear.”) If your Guild character is able to go to the town listed, you can buy any of those items AND buy any item whose value is less than that town’s Base Value (75% chance you will find it, however).

This means that, for the high-level folks in the Guild, you will NOT be able to buy magic items anymore simply because they are 32,000gp or less. But it also opens up cool new items like magic gloves that stretch out your arms, horseshoes that let you gallop over water, gloves that let you suck creatures’ life force away from a distance, and MUCH MORE! But if you’re really pining for that one specific item, your character might need to learn how to craft.

This also means that the more prosperous Gildhaven becomes, the richer its selection of magic items becomes!


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Posted by on January 31, 2015 in Announcements, Campaign, Gildhaven


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