Gildhaven Update and Call to Council!

31 Jan

Gildhaven (click to enlarge)

I am pleased to report that our gallant soldiers had a DECISIVE VICTORY against the evil invaders from Cheliax, just northwest of Falgrim’s Rest (marked by a red triangle in the map). Their zombie hordes were short work for our tempered steel, and the Enemy’s desperate assault proved to be no match against our fortified position! Stay vigilant and aware, Gildhaven Citizens, for there is much more to endure to secure our Freedom!

-Ronulus, Ruler of Gildhaven

We will not go over building decisions during the Guild anymore. Instead, we will do most business through website posts like this one, leaving diplomacy, special events, and war for class time!

Review the information below and POST COMMENTS to raise and vote on proposals in Gildhaven.

Proposals (new hexes, settlements, terrain improvements, buildings, armies, emptying one of the magic item slots in a Gildhaven building) must be raised by Sunday 10pm or they are invalid.

Councilmembers’ Votes must be posted by Tuesday 10pm to count.

(We use the rules from Pathfinder RPG’s rules on Kingdoms and War.)


Losses to Cheliax: 2 huge Zombie hordes, 2 large human armies. -17 Economy, -10 Loyalty, -10 Stability.
Losses to Gildhaven: NONE!
EVENT: Authorities in Soppoman have shut down a criminal ring profiting off of illegal supplies of opium. Soppoman: Law +1, Crime -1. Gildhaven: Loyalty +1.

Government: Republic
Hexes 30
Economy 78, Loyalty 56, Stability 54
Control DC 54
Consumption 10
Income Modifier +4
Unrest 2
Holiday Edict: 6 Holidays per Year (Loyalty +2, Consumption +2)
Promotion Edict: Standard Promotion (Stability +2, Consumption +2)
Taxation Edict: Light Taxation (Economy +1, Loyalty -1)

TREASURY: 54 BP (average net BP per turn: 30)

Soppoman (Capital):
Population 9,750
Defense +14
Government: Council
Qualities: None
Corruption +0, Crime +0, Law +2, Lore +10, Society +12
Base Value 4,000gp, Purchase Limit 25,000gp
Spellcasting 6th
Terrain Improvements: Farm, Fishery, River, Road w/ Bridges
Buildings: Academy, Bank, Barracks, Castle, Cistern, City Wall, Everflowing Spring, Granary, Graveyard, Hospital, House (x4), Jail, Library, Luxury Store, Magical Academy, Mansion, Market, Mill, Mint, Moat, Paved Streets, Sewer System, Shop (x2), Smithy, Trade Shop, University, Watchtower, Waterfront

Falgrim’s Rest:
Population 2,750
Defense +0
Government: Autocracy
Qualities: Rumormongering Citizens
Corruption +0, Crime +0, Law +0, Lore +4, Society +1
Base Value 2,000gp, Purchase Limit 10,000gp
Spellcasting 5th
Terrain Improvements: Farm, Fishery, Resource, River, Road w/ Bridges
Buildings: Bank (x2), House (x3), Inn, Library, Monument, Shop, Shrine (neutral), Smithy

Angel’s Light:
Population 500
Defense +1
Government: Council
Qualities: Insular
Corruption +0, Crime -1, Law +1, Lore +1, Society +1
Base Value 0gp, Purchase Limit 2,500gp
Spellcasting 3rd
Terrain Improvements: Farm, Fishery, Road
Buildings: City Wall, House, Jail

Embassies can provide information on foreign capitals.


Sinna’s Elite Commandos (fighter 4, Medium):
Sinna Greenwood: Charisma +4, Leadership 10
hp 16
Offense +4, Defense 14
Morale +0 (total +4)
Tactics: Expert Flankers, Sniper Support
Abilities: Armor Training, Bravery +1, Weapon Specialization
Resources: Healing Potions, Ranged Weapons, Masterwork Armor, Masterwork Weapons

Ian/DogeShibe’s III Army (fighter 2, Large):
DogeShibe III: Charisma -2, Leadership 6, Boon:
hp 16
Offense +3, Defense 13
Morale +1 (total -1)
Abilities: Bravery +1

Otto/Azog’s Army (fighter 2, Large):
Azog: Charisma +4, Leadership 14, Boon:
hp 16
Offense +3, Defense 13
Morale -1 (total +3)
Abilities: Bravery +1

Simon/Shata’s Army (fighter 2, Large):
Shata: Charisma +1, Leadership 12, Boon: Merciless
hp 16
Offense +4, Defense 13
Morale +1 (total +2)
Abilities: Bravery +1
Resources: Masterwork Weapons

Zander/Death’s Army (fighter 2, Large):
Death: Charisma +0, Leadership 15, Prof. (soldier) Ranks: 15, Boon: Bonus Tactic (Dirty Fighters)
hp 16
Offense +3, Defense 13
Morale +1 (total +4)
Tactics: Dirty Fighters
Abilities: Bravery +1


  1. Upkeep Phase (pay costs)
  2. Edict Phase (current phase)
  3. Income Phase (collect taxes)
  4. Event Phase (includes stability check and dealing with unrest) (in class)


1 new settlement or army or army upgrade
5 new building changes (first House, Mansion, Noble Villa, or Tenement is free)
5 new terrain improvements
3 new hex claims

You can conduct Diplomatic Edicts and Trade Edicts as well.


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One response to “Gildhaven Update and Call to Council!

  1. Nate

    February 1, 2015 at 7:11 am

    You could have had a much better loyalty stat, but nooooooo, you had to vote for Ian.
    *sigh* I have all these wonderful ideas, but won’t share them because I’m not a Council member
    Oh, well.


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