Do YOU want to rule Gildhaven?

20 Jan

The elections to see who will be on Gildhaven’s High Council next semester might take place AMIDST WAR. Still, even the threat of apocalyptic war will not stop our democratic institutions from functioning!

If you want to form parties and/or run for election, you must tell the Grandmaster by this Friday, Jan. 23. (We will have class this Wednesday and Friday.) Speeches and voting will take place next Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Once again, below are the descriptions of the various offices and who holds those offices now.


More information on Pathfinder’s kingdom rules is on THIS WEBSITE

Ruler (Charisma) [Ronulus/The Grandmaster]

The Ruler is the highest-ranking person in the kingdom, above even the other kingdom leaders, and is expected to embody the values of the kingdom. The Ruler performs the kingdom’s most important ceremonies (such as knighting royals and signing treaties), is the kingdom’s chief diplomatic officer (though most of these duties are handled by the Grand Diplomat), is the signatory for all laws affecting the entire kingdom, pardons criminals when appropriate, and is responsible for appointing characters to all other high positions in the government (such as other leadership roles, mayors of settlements, and judges).

Benefit: Choose one kingdom attribute (Economy, Loyalty, or Stability). Add your Charisma modifier to this attribute. If your kingdom’s Size is 26—100, choose a second kingdom attribute and add your Charisma modifier to it as well. If your kingdom’s Size is 101 or more, choose a third kingdom attribute and add your Charisma modifier to it too.

If you have the Leadership feat, the bonus from the feat applies to all kingdom attributes you affect (one, two, or three attributes, depending on the kingdom’s Size).

If you marry someone of equal station, you both can act as Ruler. You both add your Charisma modifiers to the kingdom attribute (or attributes, if the kingdom is large enough). As long as one of you is present for 1 week per month, you avoid the vacancy penalty.

In a typical campaign where the kingdom leaders have no ties to actual nobility, “someone of equal station” is irrelevant and your marriage is between two Rulers. In a campaign where the leaders are nobles or royals, marrying someone of lesser station means the spouse becomes a Consort rather than a Ruler.

Councilor (Charisma or Wisdom) [Shata/Simon]

The Councilor acts as a liaison between the citizenry and the other kingdom leaders, parsing requests from the commonwealth and presenting the leaders’ proclamations to the people in understandable ways. It is the Councilor’s responsibility to make sure the Ruler is making decisions that benefit the kingdom’s communities and its citizens.

Benefit: Add your Charisma modifier or Wisdom modifier to Loyalty.

General (Charisma or Strength) [Sinna Greenwood/Enzo]

The General is the highest-ranking member of the kingdom’s military. If the kingdom has an army and a navy, the heads of those organizations report to the kingdom’s General. The General is responsible for looking after the needs of the military and directing the kingdom’s armies in times of war. Most citizens see the General as a protector and patriot.

Benefit: Add your Charisma modifier or Strength modifier to Stability.

Grand Diplomat (Charisma or Intelligence) [Rincha/Athos]

The Grand Diplomat is in charge of the kingdom’s foreign policy—how it interacts with other kingdoms and similar political organizations such as tribes of intelligent monsters. The Grand Diplomat is the head of all of the kingdom’s diplomats, envoys, and ambassadors. It is the Grand Diplomat’s responsibility to represent and protect the interests of the kingdom with regard to foreign powers.

Benefit: Add your Charisma modifier or Intelligence modifier to Stability.

High Priest (Charisma or Wisdom) [Wasili/Emmett and Seth/Jasper]

The High Priest tends to the kingdom’s religious needs and guides its growth. If the kingdom has an official religion, the High Priest may also be the highest-ranking member of that religion in the kingdom, and has similar responsibilities over the lesser priests of that faith to those the Grand Diplomat has over the kingdom’s ambassadors and diplomats. If the kingdom has no official religion, the High Priest may be a representative of the most popular religion in the kingdom or a neutral party representing the interests of all religions allowed by the kingdom.

Benefit: Add your Charisma modifier or Wisdom modifier to Stability.

Magister (Charisma or Intelligence) [Sophia/Moises]

The Magister guides the kingdom’s higher learning and magic, promoting education and knowledge among the citizens and representing the interests of magic, science, and academia. In most kingdoms, the Magister is a sage, a wizard, or a priest of a deity of knowledge, and oversees the governmental bureaucracy except regarding finance.

Benefit: Add your Charisma modifier or Intelligence modifier to Economy.

Marshal (Dexterity or Wisdom) [Bafás/Sebastian]

The Marshal ensures that the kingdom’s laws are being enforced in the remote parts of the kingdom as well as in the vicinity of the capital. The Marshal is also responsible for securing the kingdom’s borders. He organizes regular patrols and works with the General to respond to threats that militias and adventurers can’t deal with alone.

Benefit: Add your Dexterity modifier or Wisdom modifier to Economy.

Royal Enforcer (Dexterity or Strength) [Katlyn/Conor]

The Royal Enforcer deals with punishing criminals, working with the Councilor to make sure the citizens feel the government is adequately dealing with wrongdoers, and working with the Marshal to capture fugitives from the law. The Royal Enforcer may grant civilians the authority to kill in the name of the law.

Benefit: Add your Dexterity modifier or Strength modifier to Loyalty. During the Upkeep phase, you may decrease Unrest by 1 (this is not affected by having the Leadership feat); if you do so, you must succeed at a Loyalty check or Loyalty decreases by 1.

Spymaster (Dexterity or Intelligence) [UNKNOWN]

The Spymaster observes the kingdom’s criminal elements and underworld and spies on other kingdoms. The Spymaster always has a finger on the pulse of the kingdom’s underbelly, and uses acquired information to protect the interests of the kingdom at home and elsewhere through a network of spies and informants.

Benefit: During the Edict phase, choose one kingdom attribute (Economy, Loyalty or Stability). Add your Dexterity modifier or Intelligence modifier to this attribute.

Treasurer (Intelligence or Wisdom) [Deitar/Bo]

The Treasurer monitors the state of the kingdom’s Treasury and citizens’ confidence in the value of their money and investigates whether any businesses are taking unfair advantage of the system. The Treasurer is in charge of the tax collectors and tracks debts and credits with guilds and other governments.

Benefit: Add your Intelligence modifier or Wisdom modifier to Economy.

Viceroy (Gildhaven currently has no colonies or vassal states)

The Viceroy represents the Ruler’s interests on an ongoing basis in a specific location such as a colony or vassal state (see the optional Vassalage edict). The Viceroy is in effect the Ruler for that territory; her orders are superceded only by direct commands from the Ruler.

Benefit: Add half your Intelligence or Wisdom modifier to Economy. You may assume any leadership role (including Ruler) for your colony or vassal state, but any benefit you provide in this role is 1 less than normal; if you do so, you must spend 7 days that month performing duties appropriate to that leadership role in addition to the 7 days spent for Viceroy duties.

Warden (Constitution or Strength) [DogeShibe III/Ian]

The Warden is responsible for enforcing laws in larger settlements, as well as ensuring the safety of the kingdom leaders. The Warden also works with the General to deploy forces to protect settlements and react to internal threats.

Benefit: Add your Constitution modifier or Strength modifier to Loyalty.


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2 responses to “Do YOU want to rule Gildhaven?

  1. Emmett

    January 21, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    vote emmett for high priest

  2. Nate

    January 24, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Vote Nate for Warden


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