01 Dec

ARENA - Level 8The Semi-Finals Tournament is MOVED to Wednesday, December 10. (Next week, we will have Guild on Wednesday and Friday.)

Here is the Arena, which is the brainchild of Moises! I also added some of my own changes. (Click the picture to zoom in.)

  • GOAL: Capture the flag from your enemy’s Home Base, and return it to your Home Base. Grabbing the flag is a full-round action that provokes AoOs. Placing the flag on Home Base is a standard action. Returning TWO flags wins the match.
  • SPECIAL: You cannot die permanently! On your turn, you can choose to disappear and reappear on the following turn at your Home Base with at least 1 hit point. If you were unconscious or dead, then any negative effects on you now end. You must miss 1 full round of actions in the process.
  • TERRAIN: Each Home Base is surrounded by bushes that are difficult terrain. The center area is a magical cylinder of water that is surrounded by magical walls that allow creatures to enter and leave.
  • PATHS: You can walk on the narrow paths at HALF SPEED normally. Walking at FULL SPEED requires DC 10 Acrobatics check to avoid falling and makes you flat-footed (no DEX bonus to AC). If you take damage while walking full speed, you must make a 2nd DC 10 Acrobatics check.
  • GUTTERS: The “gutters” between the paths inflict 20 hp of damage (DC 17 halves). From left to right, they inflict fire (Reflex), cold (Fortitude), acid (Fortitude), and electricity (Reflex) damage. Getting out of the “gutter” is a DC 10 Climb (one-quarter speed) or DC 15 Climb (half speed), or a DC 20 Acrobatics jump check (DC 40 without a running start.
  • CEILING + CONFUSION FOG: The ceiling is 15 feet high. Ten feet above the arena, fog offers concealment (20% miss chance) but one must make a DC 17 Will save every round or be confused (like the spell) for 2 rounds. Small and Medium creatures have melee reach up to ten feet into the air.
  • POWER-UP: If you reach the island in the center, one weapon of your choice gets an additional +3 to-hit bonus (note: monks are assumed to use two different unarmed strikes).
  • SWIMMING: DC 10 Swim check to move at one-quarter speed. If you are swimming on the surface, you get improved cover (+8 AC, +4 Reflex) from opponents on land. If you are underwater, you are NOT exposed to any Negative Effects (see below). Getting back onto land requires a full-round action. The water is 20 feet deep.
  • LAVA: The sides of the arena have lava: 70 fire damage per round (and 1d6 fire for 2 rounds after).
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