Gildhaven High Council Report, 29th of Lamashan 4714 AR

31 Oct

gildhaven06Gildhaven’s caravan to Foundry was a success, despite a mysterious assassination attempt by agents of Cheliax who posed as Gildhaven’s leaders. The High Council built roads connecting the orc kingdom of Foundry and Gildhaven’s new settlement, Angel’s Light, with the capital Soppoman.

Citizens of Soppoman, fearful of the rise in power of the Cthulhu Political Party, began attacking Cthulhu cultists in the streets. Councilor Shata and High Priest Wasili successfully allayed fears that Cthulhu would be summoned into Gildhaven.

The murderer Asatha was drawn and quartered for her crimes in public view, sending a strong message from the new Royal Enforcer Katlyn that murder sprees against civilians will not be tolerated.

Members of the High Council ventured north of Foundry to assist the Orc King in securing his northern border. They did not encounter agents of Cheliax, but did find wandering stone giants.

The High Council sent adventurers to explore the areas south and west of Angel’s Light.

-Ronulus, Wise Ruler of Gildhaven


Posted by on October 31, 2014 in Campaign, Gildhaven


2 responses to “Gildhaven High Council Report, 29th of Lamashan 4714 AR

  1. Conor

    November 3, 2014 at 5:08 pm

    Trolllllllllll……Asatha and Katlyn are both my characters…

    • ronaldsf

      November 3, 2014 at 9:53 pm

      Troll? You’re talking about Ronulus!

      And of course I know both yours, thought it was funny actually


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