Beyond Pacificon: Playing PFS in the East Bay!

03 Sep

Well, I know *I* had a blast. And I’m guessing I’m not the only one coming out of Pacificon wanting to play MORE PFS games in the East Bay.

Conferences like Pacificon are special events; many PFS-official adventures were held there, but the way PFS usually works is that people gather at local hobby game stores to play PFS games. Here are places that I think are good options for King students. PFS games go until they’re finished, and they usually run close to 4 hours. Remember that you’ll want to have a PFS character already that is registered at (you must form a account).

1. Games of Berkeley (Fridays, 6pm)

I have not seen their PFS games in action, but I do know that Simon has gone to them. They also have the advantage of being on Friday nights. You can just show up and they’ll plug you in a game. There is no cost.

2. It’s Your Move on Saturdays (Youth Group, Every other Saturday at 10:30am-4pm)

This biweekly group is youth-oriented, and I have visited it myself and it seemed great for King students — the players I saw were 10-17 y/o I think, and the GM seemed pretty good and youth-friendly. You need to sign up ahead of time at The fee is $10.

3. Eudemonia (Tuesdays, 7:30pm)

This is our usual RPG backup spot, but it’s on a school night. Despite what their info site says, one can just show up and they organize the PFS GMs and games based on how many people show up. Cost is $5, and $4 goes to store credit for snacks!

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