The Guild Field Trip!

04 Aug

pacificonSome of us are going to PACIFICON, a tabletop gaming convention where people play tabletop RPGs, collectible card games, LARP and more! Contact the Grandmaster at guildgrandmaster AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested!

I need to hear back from people by this Tuesday, Aug. 5, so we can start snagging hotel rooms and signing up for gaming tables. (For Pathfinder RPG games, there is a maximum of 6 per table, and I think we wanna sign up together for some tables).

If you to come, review the info below and email me!

What is PacifiCon?
It’s a tabletop gaming expo. Think of it as Disneyland for tabletop games (the term “tabletop games” encompasses tabletop RPGs, tabletop wargames, collectible card games, and board games). It takes place at a hotel purposed for the occasion. You register for a badge, and then you get to go from room to room, from table to table, to try out different games one hasn’t tried before. There also are GMs who, free for attendees, run Pathfinder adventures, and also adventures for other systems such as D&D. The convention also has a young players program geared toward kids.

Here is the website for PacifiCon


We already have 13 people who are coming!


Saturday, Aug. 30
10am: Leave from Berkeley (We’d arrive at 11am — Pathfinder Society games start at 9am, but I figure we’d want to walk around first and take things in for a while).
2pm-6pm: Pathfinder Society game at PacifiCon
6-8pm: Dinner and ice cream!
8pm: Hotel. I’m willing to run a night-time game or adventure, and there’s a swimming pool!

Sunday, Aug. 31
8:00am: Check-out, breakfast
9am-6pm: Convention


So this is what I’ve worked out in terms of cost per person:

  • Registration for the conference: ~$24 is person if part of a “Family” group (one adult plus 3 children 12 y/o or under), otherwise $48 per person
  • One night at the hotel: $124 per room (hopefully we reserve early enough to get 2 queen beds for 4 people) $31 and up for each person

If you’re interested, contact the Grandmaster AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to make arrangements!


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2 responses to “The Guild Field Trip!

  1. Op kid aka sal

    August 17, 2014 at 7:41 am

    I was there last year


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