I Wanna Play!

18 Jul

Believe it or not, between all the campaigns I run and play in and my job, there are 3 other things I want to play! I am looking for players — contact the Grandmaster or comment here, if you are interested in any of the things below:

1. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

pacgI have this, and it’s a lot of fun. Imagine a mix between deckbuilding games like Magic the Gathering with a roleplaying game, and you have the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. You go on adventures together and collect loot and get more powerful between adventures, and you can trade cards with other players.

There’s a good overview of the game on YouTube.

5e-phb2. D&D 5th Edition

I love Pathfinder, but the new 5th Edition D&D rules are a bit simpler and quicker and are worth a shot. I want to run the starter adventure from the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set, Lost Mine of Phandelver. We would make characters using the free and downloadable Basic Rules or the upcoming Player’s Handbook.

3. “Old-School” Play

magic-mouthThe early editions of D&D were way harder, and you got a sense of accomplishment for surviving and making it to the next level. There is an “Old School Renaissance” going on in the RPG community to go back to this earlier style.

I want to use rules similar to 1st Edition AD&D (1978) and Basic D&D (1981) to run the notoriously lethal megadungeon Rappan Athuk. It would be less about building your ideal character and more about thinking creatively, avoiding death, and trying to “beat” a challenging, difficult adventure!

If you succeed, you will most definitely get BRAGGING RIGHTS in the Guild!

So again — contact the Grandmaster or comment here, if you are interested in playing any of the above!

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