Kingmaker #21: The Consequences of Sap (Uncensored)

16 Jul
The dryad, Tiressia, was willing to give Oasin the acorns but needed an evil scythe tree to be killed first.

2nd of Rova, 4681 AR

“While wandering through the woods in exploring the territory, our fearless leaders run across men entranced by a nixie. Through the thicket our band of fearless champions emerge, and say, “Halt! Who does bring these trees to a doom of great evil, and challenge this nixie to a brawl?” And the men turned with a malicious look in their eyes to…”

Oasin walks towards Illirus and says, “You weren’t there, bucko. Stop trying to glamorize the story.” Illirus the Androgynous glares at Oasin.

“Fine, if you won’t tell it right, Sissario will, you little foxman,” Oasin says.

Illirus sticks his or her tongue out and says, “Fine.”

Sissario continues…

“So the adventurers decide to investigate and come to find that a merchant has asked for the wood from these trees. They then decide to talk to the merchant, and get magical acorns to regrow the trees and give the nixie what she wants. Neskaghir stayed behind to protect the nixie and ended up killing a wyvern all on his own. Meanwhile, Oasin met a dryad and a satyr. The dryad, Tiressia, was willing to give the acorns but needed an evil scythe tree to be killed first. Oasin sent for Gobario to aid her in the burning of the tree. While that was happening, John Snow was talking to the merchant and we gave him a magic acorn for his profits so Esper could gain economically.”

Back in Corff, citizens were becoming addicted to a variant of the cure to Esper’s Great Plague of 4681. This drug was called called “tremblesap.” The High Council posted signs saying:

The dryad, Tiressia, was willing to give Oasin the acorns but needed an evil scythe tree to be killed first.

“Tremblesap (also known as “sap”) is hereby given only at places certified to give 10 grams per person that can prove illness, therefore needing sap. Sap is dangerous, and if you want an explanation just ask Neskaghir for a demonstration. Sap can and will kill you in quantities larger than 15 grams.  There will be a rehab center in Corff.”

– John Snow of Esper
Oasin of Esper
Neskaghir of Esper
Gobario of Esper


XP so far:
Azkarth Selturiel, half-elven wizard 5 – 21,292
Gobario Alcos, goblin alchemist (fire bomber) 7 – 36,342
Illirus, kitsune bard 6 – 28,274
John Snow, musetouched aasimar paladin 6 – 27,216

Neskaghir, hobgoblin fighter (tower shield specialist) 7 – 42,816
Nolgrin, dwarven paladin (stonelord) – 34,092
Oasîn, half-elven hunter 7 – 43,342

Pellius Wintrish, strix alchemist 6 – 25,909
Sissario Chhiat, halfling bard 6 – 29,457
Skia Canticum, kitsune ninja 5 / shadowdancer 1 –  23,892

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