Kingmaker #20: Sumptuous Keep of the Dancing Lady

30 Jun

Since we left off our tale, the Founders of Esper spent the winter improving their nation’s economy. Also, Azkarth Selturiel arrived at Madman’s Rock and joined the High Council upon Pellius Wintrish’s recommendation. Then they set their sights on expanding their kingdom westerly and southerly, into the wooded Narlmarches. On the way, the helped a group of gnome explorers rescue their wagon from a river, and exchanged maps with the now-famous Jubilost Narthropple. His map spoke of a dragon lairing in the south, and an abandoned tower to the west. The party explored the tower, which seemed to be ancient and of Elven-make.

This archive is from Elliot, the earth elemental companion of the legendary Dwarven Stonelord Nolgrin.

I hate quicklings.

30th of Gozran, 4682 AR

I hate quicklings. They’re just so… quicky-quicky. We were just exploring the building, minding our own business, when a quickling dashed up to me, poisoned me, and ran away, just like that. Luckily I’m immune to poison. We eventually killed the little bugger, and I wanted his dagger but Gobario was saying something I couldn’t understand so I gave in and followed Nolgrin up the tower that he was investigating.

Nolgrin, for some reason, was dancing with this weird elven lady. I was about to yell at him to stop when I suddenly felt in the mood to dance. The lady was so pretty, dancy prancy, I lost control of my own body, prancy dancy, my spirit began to melt away and my brain turned into a sludgy goo and I knew that if she kept at it for another second I would become a mindless zombie   with   no   soul   and   wouldn’t..   that..   be…   the…   best…     thing….     ev-

Suddenly the lady disappeared into a pit. Horrified, I realized that the lady was actually quite ugly, and her dancing was terrible. With anger I burrowed down into the pit and we all attacked her until she died.

The other towers weren’t exactly a pleasant sight either. There was one completely filled with rubble in which I tremorsensed a mithral statue, one with a huge constrictor vine that would’ve strangled me if Nolgrin didn’t summon me out of there at the last second, one that would make a good home for Pellius, and one with rat swarm in it that I completely steered clear of because I hate swarms.

Nolgrin, for some reason, was dancing with this weird elven lady. I was about to yell at him to stop when I suddenly felt in the mood to dance…

After that, we went back to Corff. It became rather boring there because I only speak Terran so the only people who could understand me were Nolgrin and the oreads at Litador, and they aren’t exactly good conversationalists. I took up hunting weasels in my spare time. They’re easy to catch, if you’re a burrowing earth elemental with tremorsense and are good eating. You should try one!

Burrowing off,
(Translated by Nolgrin)


XP so far:
Azkarth Selturiel – 19,542
Gobario Alcos – 27,957
John Snow – 23,036
Neskaghir – 34,536
Nolgrin – 31,442
Oasîn – 34,479
Pellius Wintrish – 23,759
Skia Canticum – 20,942

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3 responses to “Kingmaker #20: Sumptuous Keep of the Dancing Lady

  1. ronaldsf

    June 30, 2014 at 11:22 am

    I would only add that most of the party was dancing with the “Dancing Lady” before I think Skia snuck in and started escorting them out lol.


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