Kingmaker #17: Old Man Blue

17 May

willowisp2Grace regales us with an awesome epic, as the Founders of Esper follow the trail of a missing boy, revisit the haunted tower in the lake, and trace the boy to a lizardfolk village…

-The Grandmaster

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31st of Erastus, 4681 AR

THE Will-o’-the-Wisp is out on the marsh,
And all alone he goes;
There’s not a sight of his glimmering light
From break of day to close;
But all night long, from dusk till dawn,
He drifts where the night wind blows.
The Will-o’-the-Wisp, he has no roof,
Yet he seeks not hut nor hall;
He will not wait for a friendly foot,
But starts if a shadow fall;
And never a voice can make him turn,
But the far off winds that call.
The twilight covers the dreaming hills,
The evening dews begin;
There’s none to care that he wanders there,
There’s none to call him in;
And all the night, with his lonely light,
He goes where the mists have been.
From firelit window and open doors,
The roads have golden bars;
And round and round the world is bound
By a girdle of radiant stars;
But I watch to-night for a fleeting light
That a moment makes or mars.
Flit, flit, with the hurrying hours,
In shadow and mist and dew
Will-o’-the-Wisp, O Will-o’-the-Wisp,
I would I could follow you,
With your elfin light for a lantern bright
The bogs and the marshes through !
O Will-o’-the-Wisp, in silver dusk
Who’d wish for golden dawn?
In purple night, with stars a-light,
Who’d dream of noontide gone?
Who would not stray by the glimmering way
Your wandering feet are drawn ?

-Original poem by illirus the androgynous

woe to those who wander the island in search of weary foes
for those who want a battle of brave intentions
of honor and value
dont go dont go the cowardly will o’ the wisps
they disappear to strike again another day
beware those of lightin’ origin
those who prey on our fears may not be as clever as those who stay away

gather near litluns, the children of the night
for this is a tale of bravery and of a well won fight

the founder thee accompanied by friends
of those they sought out of a world forbidden to cleanse
the blueish hue and merry true
the willows say their song
the fear our heroes felt could not have been more wrong
along with daylight came the mist
and evil nettles poison
that will pull and twist
your spinal cord and organs three
shall be killed in smiting sea
while weary they fell upon their duty to the younger lad of trouble
did they not get what’s coming
it already came in double
alas the travelers dawned on victory
but their find was contradictory
they found a tribe of lizardfolk
as hostile as they come and found the boy but could not help they had to run
as they returned within the hour to save the child’s fate
they devised a plan so cunning
the villagers knew their hate… and so now you mother calls you to bed
to rest your weary tired head
dont forget tomorrow comes
with the continued vision of the worlds numb
kaleidoscope their colors are so true
i wont drag on too long, now remember
two pennies for the rest don’t forget me my name is old man blue

– an epic poem by old man blue (aka a druid from the battle)


XP so far:
Gobario Alcos – 19,220
Illirus – 21,245
John Snow – 21,549
Neskaghir – 26,473
Nolgrin – 22,285
Oasîn – 26,122
Pellius Wintrish – 23,217
Skia Canticum –  19,862

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