TOURNAMENT: Semi-Final Match-Ups and ARENA!

29 Apr

The Quarter-Finals were well-fought and saw the shedding of blood, sweat and tears! Here are our upcoming matchups:

Semi-Finals, Monday, 5/5:

Order of the Phoenix, Moises + Athos (#1) vs. The Falgrim Conquerors, Jasper + Nate (#5)
The Dominators, Zander + Salvatore (#2) vs. The Deathlords, Max Sklar + Enzo (#6)
The Prize is 40 XP!


basketballThe Semi-Finals arena is the brainchild of Ben, and it’s a BASKETBALL MATCH! It’s like the NBA — just without those fussy rules that get in the way of violence.

Here are the Arena Rules for now. Ben or I might add things to it before the Tournament Character DEADLINE, which is Wednesday, April 30, at 11:59PM. No exceptions!

  • Victory is NOT determined by hit points, but by POINTS SCORED. Each basket is 2 points. Of course, if you neutralize all of your opponents, you also win — assuming you have enough time to spam the basket and win the game.
  • TIP-OFF: Each player rolls Initiative AND an Acrobatics check and adds the two scores together. The creatures with the highest score automatically gets the ball.
  • The ball has hardness 15 and has 1 hit point. If the ball is destroyed, there is a new Tip-Off. (It can be Sundered.)
  • PICKING UP THE BALL: This is a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity. You must have one free hand. To hold the ball, you must have a limb that is capable of wielding a weapon — if this is unclear, it is up to the Grandmaster’s discretion. (It’s better to ask the Grandmaster before the match!)
  • ATTACKING THE POSSESSOR OF THE BALL: If you inflict damage against someone who possesses the ball, he/she/it must try not to drop the ball by doing an attack roll (Base Attack + STR + DEX) against DC 10 plus the damage it took. If the possessor fails, the ball drops into its square. Also, you can Disarm the ball as if it were a weapon (CMB vs. CMD). If you attempt a Disarm action while unarmed, you get a -4 penalty on your roll and, if you succeed, take possession of the ball.
  • basketballFIELD GOAL (2 pts.): This is a full-round action that provokes Attacks of Opportunity, and it is normally done with two hands. (A one-handed shot takes a -8 penalty.) Make a ranged attack roll, treating the basketball as an improvised weapon (-4). The basket is AC 18. (To simplify, make a ranged attack roll, without penalty, to hit AC 22.)
    • For every 5 feet you are away from the basket, subtract 1 from your attack roll.
    • All Field Goals are worth 2 points; there are no 3 point shots.
    • If the shot is successful, ALL the scoring side’s teammates must immediately move to a square on their own half of the court. All the non-scoring side’s creatures must stand at the far edge of their half of the court (i.e., they have to get through the other team to score a basket).
  • BLOCKING A SHOT: All opponents can try to jump between you and the basket as an Immediate Action (Acrobatics check; DC equals number of feet to jump). If they jump into a square adjacent to the shooter OR the basket, in a square that is in the ball’s path, that creature can block it: this is an attack roll (d20 + Base Attack + STR + DEX) that must exceed the shooter’s attack roll. Also, if the shooter takes damage while shooting (as from an AoO or from a Readied attack), subtract all damage taken from the shooter’s attack roll. (Continuous damage applies one-half its damage if it hasn’t ended yet.)
  • GIVING/PASSING THE BALL, AND STOPPING A PASS: This is a move action and must succeed versus touch AC 10 for your teammate to grab it (this is automatic if you are within each other’s reach). Also, opponents can try to interfere in the same way they can block a shot — if they jump in between, he/she/it either blocks it (causing the ball to drop on the floor in its square) or attempts to steal the ball (with an attack roll (d20 + Base Attack + STR + DEX) that must exceed the passer’s attack roll).
  • miley-cyrusINCITING THE CROWD: You can incite the crowd to throw dangerous objects at all your opponents. This is a full-round action and requires a DC 20 check using an appropriate skill (i.e., Diplomacy, Intimidate, Perform (oratory), Perform (dance)). Success means the crowd gets an attack roll against every opponent: +15 attack, 2d6 bludgeoning damage.
  • The court is on an elevated platform with a 30 foot ceiling above. If you are pushed off, it is a 30-foot fall to the ground below. There are ladders around the court. (DC 0 Climb to go up at one-quarter your speed; DC 5 Climb to go up at one-half your speed.) A wall surrounds the court at a distance of 15 feet.
    • The Gildhaven National Anthem will be sung by Miley Cyrus! All characters take 15 sonic damage (successful DC 18 Fort save negates) and are confused (take no actions) during the next round (DC 18 Will save negates).
    • Every Round, one of the following three events occurs on Initiative Count 10 (they cycle in order):
      • wizardThe Wizard casts a Powerful Spell that targets the entire court! All characters take 15hp of energy damage of a random type (fire, cold, acid, or electricity). A DC 18 Reflex save halves this damage.
      • The Announcer makes an Annoying Announcement. Everyone must make a DC 18 Will save or be confused (take no actions) for 1 round.
      • The Sound System malfunctions and there is Loud Feedback! Everyone must make a DC 18 Fort save or take 15 sonic damage.
    • The Wizard and the Announcer are each in encased in a booth made of reinforced glass (hardness 15, 1 hp). Energy damage (except sonic damage) is halved before applying hardness. These characters each have 10 hit points, AC 18 / touch 14 / flat-footed 14, and +7 on all saving throws.
    • The Sound System has hardness 10 and has 10 hit points before breaking.
    • During the Halftime Show, all players must survive the cheerleaders’ routine! Make a DC 18 Will save or be confused (take no actions) for the next round!

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2 responses to “TOURNAMENT: Semi-Final Match-Ups and ARENA!

  1. Athos

    April 29, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    What the hell kind of an arina is this?!?!

    • ronaldsf

      April 30, 2014 at 9:45 am

      What kind of question is that????


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