TOURNAMENT: Quarter-Finals Arena!!!

27 Apr

antigravityCourtesy of Devon, our arena for the Quarter Finals features energy damage and antigravity! Muahahaha…

The arena has the following features:

  • It will be organized into 4 quadrants, with a round area in the middle that is the Alternative Gravity Zone.
  • The spawn points are in the far corners.
  • Players roll initiative. According to initiative order, each player determines what corner he or she spawns in. Then combat begins.
  • Each quadrant is keyed to specific type of energy damage: the Volcano area (fire), the Freezing Mountains (cold), the Swamp (acid), and the Rug (electricity). There will be areas of difficult terrain in each that also provide partial concealment (20% miss chance) to creatures within and a chance for characters to use Stealth.
  • Each round, during Initiative Count 10, two of the quadrants “trigger” and inflict damage to all creatures within: 10 damage of that energy type, and a DC 16 Reflex save halves this damage. On the following round, the two other quadrants “trigger”.
  • The Alternative Gravity Zone is in the center, starts WITH gravity and has no energy damage. At the absolute center is a pillar that switches the antigravity on and off with a Standard Action to touch it. The pillar activates or deactivates at Initiative Count 10, and lasts for 1 round. The first character to use a Standard Action to touch it after this 1 round is over switches it either immediately (or if on Initiative Count 10) or causes it to switch the next round.
  • ANTIGRAVITY: creatures in the outer part of the zone immediately rise to 20 feet altitude. Creatures in the inner part immediately rise to 40 feet altitude. Movement is similar to swimming: it’s a DC 10 Fly check to move one-quarter your speed. Attacks are similar to the effect of the Levitate spell: -1 to attack rolls that gets worse with each attack, up to a maximum penalty of -5. It’s a full-round action to right yourself to reset this penalty to -1. Flying creatures are NOT impeded by the antigravity.
  • The ceiling is 60 feet high, and walls border the arena.
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