Kingmaker #16: Musings in the Swamp

17 Apr

swampSome background: the Founders of Esper defeated the shambling plant creature and followed up on the rumor of a tower in the lake that the capital is on the northern shore of. They’d heard rumors about it being a gateway between worlds. On the way they also met the Old Beldame, an actually-friendly person who deals with a lot of rumors that she’s a witch…

Pellius is brilliant in many ways; many thoughts come into his head. That is all I have to say on him hehe…

-The Grandmaster

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25th of Erastus, 4681 AR

faerie-dragonOasin seemed horrified. I’m not sure why though.  It was a belonging of a dead person after all, and dead persons’ belongingses are wonderful…

That was bad, the will-o-wisp, trying to kill us all.  It was nasty and evil and cruel and FISH.  What time was it, when the narwhal bacons, hmmmmm. Was it midnight?  Yes, it was midnight when the narwhal bacons.

What was I saying?  Yes, the will-o-wisp.  It wanted to kill us, and the old rocks.  Very, very, old they were, after the darkness that lasted for hundreds of years.  The tower was very strange, the strange energy and the writing on the old rocks.  And before that was the lady in the swamp.  She was nice to we, I mean us, I mean meeeee. The strange tea, and the mushrooms we got that we fought the big plant monster for, I believe it was a tendriculos.  The tea that was made from the mushrooms was good, yes quite good for us.  We learned things, about life and how the tower glowed at night.  The glow was going to be wonderful, but I could not see it.

I like my turtle armor.  I also liked the scarecrow in the garden of the house in the swamp of the lady in the house in the swamp.  Before that, we went to the White Rose. [The rose that commemmorates Oasin’s death and rebirth, and the founding of Esper. -GM] There was a big plant thing, the same one that killed Charlyze.  When we killed it, I got the ring that Charlyze had.  It was strange, as it was unharmed.

I gave it to Oasin, she seemed horrified, I’m not sure why though.  It was a belonging of a dead person after all, and dead persons’ belongingses are wonderful.  Fish, wheel, rabbit, and narwhals baconing.  Nyeheheheemnehmnehfgh.

The kingdom goes along well, one bad part is Nolgrin and Neskaghir constantly having the complete opposite views on everything.  Almost seems like something is controlling them.  Strange.  I remember when the man Grigori came and tried to usurp the kingdom, John Snow showed him.  Heh.  Well, I must go, goodbye.

Pellius Wintrish (Simon)


XP so far:
Gobario Alcos – 18,420
Illirus – 21,245
John Snow – 20,749
Neskaghir – 25,673
Nolgrin – 21,907
Oasîn – 23,322
Pellius Wintrish – 23,284
Skia Canticum – 19,484

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