GUILD TOURNAMENT Qualifying Rounds: Arena and Characters!

17 Apr

gladiatorThe Spring 2014 Guild Tournament begins next Monday! They will be during the first half (90 mins.) of the class. Here are our matchups and character sheets!

Here, also, is a summary of the characters for the GMs: contestants might find useful information here as well!

After the matches, the winners will work on leveling up their characters to Level 6 for the Quarter Finals, and everyone in the Quarter Finals gets to re-do their equipment. All changes will be due Wednesday, April 23, at 9:59pm.

Review the Tournament Rules for characters HERE.

Some features of the Qualifying Arena:

  • Each team spawns on opposite sides, with a trench in the middle.
  • The trench is bridged by beams that require Acrobatics checks to cross, or you fall in.
  • The trench has ladders going up.
  • You can also jump across the trench, which is 15 feet across (DC 15 Acrobatics).
  • Each side also has a vertical stone wall that you can knock over to create your own bridge, with a bull rush attempt (CMB check vs. a CMD of 20).
  • On each side of the trench, there are lines of difficult terrain, and a low stone wall that provides cover (+4 AC) if you’re standing behind it.
  • There is a single square on the opposite side that, if you touch using a standard action, gives you bonus hit points and teleports you back to your spawn point.

Qualifying Round: Monday, 4/21

Samuel + Mattiwos (#7) vs. Jack + Zach (#10)
Happy Hamsters, Max C. + Ben (#8) vs. Dragons of Lightning, Raheem + Destiny (#9)

Prize is 20 XP

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