Final Tournament Teams and Match-Ups!

09 Apr

gladiatorThe deadline has passed for people to sign-up for the tournament! Here are our final teams and match-ups. (All seed numbers were determined by the XP of the person on the team who had more XP.)

Remember that your final tournament characters are DUE on Sunday, April 13, at 9:59pm. After that time, all unchosen feats, class options, skill ranks, etc. are forever lost! Review the Tournament Rules for characters HERE.

Qualifying Round: Monday, 4/21

Samuel + Mattiwos (#7) vs. Jack + Zach (#10)
Happy Hamsters, Max C. + Ben (#8) vs. Dragons of Lightning, Raheem + Destiny (#9)
Prize is 20 XP

Quarter-Finals, Monday, 4/28

Division A:
Moises + Athos (#1) vs. less-decisive winner from Qualifying Round
Simon + Ian (#4) vs. The Falgrim Conquerors, Jasper + Nate (#5)

Division B:
Zander + Salvatore (#2) vs. more-decisive winner from Qualifying Round
Otto + Makoa (#3) vs. The Deathlords, Max Sklar + Enzo (#6)

Prize is 30 XP

Semi-Finals, Monday, 5/5

Winners in Division A duel
Winners in Division B duel
Prize is 40 XP

Finals, Monday, 5/12

The last remaining two teams duel!
Prize is 50 XP

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