Razor Coast 1, #18: Chimmy Chummy Boom Boom

30 Mar

A huge amount has happened since the last writeup because our adventurers have been more focused on making history than — ahem — writing history. Since we last heard from them, the party:

The lighthouse at Beacon Island — one of the many places the party explored.
  • cleared Bonegnaw’s drug-smuggling operation;
  • found an old Wave Rider who had lost his spellbook, and so they made an aborted exploration of an ancient necromancer’s lab in the sewers;
  • returned to the Dajobas temple in Blacksink Marsh to find an unhittable wight druid, only to black-out;
  • woke up alongside other adventurers as that druid’s prisoners, fought their way out, and found that the two groups of adventurers came from two different realities that had merged;
  • talked to the privateer Bethany Razor, who had heard the weresharks’ leader was in Beacon Island and suggested they sail out together because her dead husband Jacob Razor had died there;
  • sailed to Beacon Island, met a pseudodragon, investigated the lighthouse (where Fawkes Ransom would die to a mohrg), found the old ship Jacob Razor had died in, met his ghost, and recovered his bones, and left the island after they were attacked by aquatic gargoyles;
  • robbed Viscount Deepwarder’s mansion and became the target of an assassination attempt that the retired assassin Old Fish warned Ziara Bloodbane about;
  • started to establish their own inn, Bloodbane’s Treasure, after killing the owner who had joined in the assassination attempt;
  • competed in the Broken Skull’s unarmed fighting tournament, where their new vanaran monk friend Vixio started to rise through the ranks;
  • returned to Beacon Island to try to root out the leader of the weresharks before the coming full moon.

Bala Artemis Diana continues their tale…


13th day of Arodus, 4713 AR

So it all started with an idea. In fact, it was Nightflame’s idea. His idea was Operation Chimmy Chummy Boom Boom: the idea of a trojan fish filled with gunpowder barrels covered in chum to attract the weresharks in the underground lake beneath Beacon Island.

Nightflame would spark the fuse, then teleport away and it would blow up creating a shock wave that would kill the sharks.

So they tried the plan.

His idea was Operation Chimmy Chummy Boom Boom: the idea of a trojan fish filled with gunpowder barrels covered in chum to attract the weresharks in the underground lake beneath Beacon Island.

Nightflame, as he was in the trojan fish, saw the sharks through a spyhole. Four of the six sharks went after the trojan fish. BOOOOOM. Nightflame had already teleported back.

The rest of the group held on to Skarru as he was in giant squid form, as Skarru jetted to the scene. As they were going up, they saw a shark head floating past them. Then a fin. Then a jaw. From this, Nightflame predicted that his plan had succeeded.

When they finally got up to the place where the weresharks were they saw two weresharks left. Skarru tackled one while Nightflame cast true form on one of the weresharks turning it back into a human. Skarru easily took out the wereshark and then Nightflame true formed one and he drowned or something because we never saw or heard of him again.

Anyways, some other weresharks heard the fighting and came to the “rescue” to save the weresharks we just neutralized. Two of them were in wereshark form with crossbows and the other was on a ledge had longswords. Skarru, the giant amazing squid, grappled one of the longsword weresharks because by then all the weresharks were in wereshark form. Diana shot one of the weresharks and so did Gorak and Leonardo. One wereshark down.

Ziara sneaked attacked the one Skarru had grappled. Second one down. Both of the other weresharks turned into sharks and jumped in. Sophia shot one, killing it. Skarru hit the other one while Leonardo shot it. Ziara got the final hit on it, killing it.

They all got out of the water onto the ledge to see a giant snail, a flail snail.

Skarru was proud that he knew how to speak flail snail, so naturally he talked to it. It turns out the flail snail’s name was Ernie and was on the weresharks’ side because they gave him food. Skarru gave some of his jerky (not salted) to the flail snail to be friends with it. The flail snail liked the jerky better than what the weresharks gave him so he was now against the weresharks.

They all heard a loud noise. They rushed to the next room to see what it was. They saw a wereshark torturing a man and a bunch of people in cages. They also saw an unpleasant amount of weresharks. The one that was torturing the guy threw the guy into the water, where he was eaten by a black shark.

Shark-Swarm2The sharks below smelled the blood and came up — there were about 20. Yes, I said 20 sharks.

The battle was quick. Ziara easily took down the first wereshark. Skarru hurt the second which was then killed by Leonardo with a shot to the nose. The third was injured by Gorak and the fourth injured by Diana. The third had all of the other people attack it except Diana. Diana killed the fourth. The one that was a torturer was gone by then.

Nightflame, searching for the black shark, was hovering above the water. Skarru jumped in the water and turned into a squid. Diana got a ride by hanging on to the squid. The others tagged along only slowly.

Diana shot the dark shark three times during the pursuit. When they all got to the scene, Diana and Skarru the squid were fighting the wereshark at an opening. Skarru got hit, making blood go everywhere. The sharks below smelled the blood and came up — there were about 20. Yes, I said 20 sharks. Nightflame made a rope trick putting everyone in a different dimension other than Diana.

Diana, as her last hope against the sharks, used an old amulet of hers and activated it making a loud sound summoning something unknown…

-Salvatore (Diana)


XP so far:

Diana – 54,769
Gorak – 45,582
Leonardo – 53,369
Nightflame – 52,963
Vixio – 54,361
Skarru – 52,844
Ziara – 44,378


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