Wrath of the Righteous 1, #8: Fail

21 Mar


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24th of Arodus, 4727 AR

Ezuri was all like, “Uhhh…”, and Rudis said, “Ouchie.”

As we all know we left off when Ezuri and Rudis were fighting a bunch of evil ugly nasty clerics. Sophia and Hayaku were escorting a young woman to her home. Anyways, Ezuri and Rudis were epically failing. By that I mean they were getting their asses kicked by clerics even though they were the fighters in the group and claim to do the most. So of course they get knocked out.

Ezuri was all like, “Uhhh…”, and Rudis said, “Ouchie.” Lucky for them Sophia and Sir Toad (Sophia’s pet toad) heard the fighting and came to the rescue, as Hayaku followed. When they got to the scene Rudis and Ezuri were being tied up. Sophia cast scorching ray and missed. The evil ugly nasty clerics saw Sophia except for the really nasty one tying up Rudis.

Hayaku said, “In the name of Sarenrae, what have you done?”

Sophia responded by saying, “Just a bunch of ugly tieflings who want to assault us.” The tieflings charged into battle which caught the really nasty one’s attention. Sophia dodged the first blade, Hayaku was not as fortunate as a scythe cut him.

“Sarenrae, I summon your healing light,” said Hayaku. He put up his holy symbol in the air and a flash of light came from it healing him and Ezuri. Ezuri got up and looked around. A really nasty tiefling was charging towards him. He took out his glaive and stabbed the tiefling.

Ezuri said, “Take that, you fiend, Iomedae guides my blade. You are no match for–”

The nasty tiefling struck Ezuri in the chest and knocked him out. Meanwhile Sophia hit one of the 3 tieflings in front of her with her shocking grasp. The tiefling stumbled backward and started cursing in Abyssal and healed himself.

Meanwhile the other tieflings attacked Hayaku which was too much for him and he fell unconscious when one of them got a critical with a scythe. Sophia didn’t last long after that…


Ezuri woke up. Tieflings were playing a game of cards, and his teammates were tied up, their weapons in the other corner of the room. Hayaku heard a croak from the end of the room…

Ezuri woke up. He saw a light, then he started to blink and he noticed the tieflings were playing a game of cards. He also noticed that he was tied up and so were all of his other teammates, and their weapons were in the other corner of the room. He figured that Sophia would know what they were talking about and get some useful information. So he pretended to be unconscious again.

After a few minutes Rudis woke up. He woke up Hayaku while Ezuri woke up Sophia. Sophia looked around to see what was going on and so did Hayaku. She listened in on the tieflings’ conversation. Sophia reported back that the tieflings were just talking about going home and wondering when “Vorlesh would finally come.”

Hayaku heard a croak from the end of the room. He told the rest of the group, and Sophia recognized it as Sir Toad. The group did a silent cheer. Sophia told the toad to bring a cold iron dagger to her from the pile of weapons. The toad slowly but surely managed to bring the dagger to its master. Sophia started to cut the bindings off of Rudis. After she managed to do that she gave the dagger to Rudis. Rudis started to cut Sophia’s bindings. He accidentally went too fast making a loud noise, which made the tieflings notice us.

“The prisoners are escaping!” said the ugliest one. Rudis ran with the dagger into a different room missing the exit. Ezuri ran to the weapon pile and got his scythe as Hayaku ran. Sophia told her toad to fetch a dagger then ran. Ezuri fought a bit then also ran. Eventually they all ran, leaving all of their weapons behind except for 2 cold-iron daggers and a scythe.

Sophia said the tieflings were also talking about a group of surviving crusaders. So that is where they went but first took off their bindings. Of course it was a long walk so they stopped at weapon shop that was being looted by tieflings. They tried to stealth but failed. The tieflings noticed and approached silently. Ezuri readied an attack.

Irabeth Tirabade, the half-orc commander they had met before. She was in charge. She updated the group on the war…

The first tiefling took a big hit to the chest knocking it out. Meanwhile Sophia and Rudis went on top of the closest building (Rudis climbed, Sophia levitated). The other tiefling ran into the weapon shop across the street. Rudis jumped off the building doing a forward roll while he landed. Ezuri charged to the doorway and Hayaku also ran next to the doorway. Sophia glided down and walk to the door. Hayaku hit once with his cold-iron dagger while sophia acid splashed the tiefling. Sophia hit the tiefling with another acid splash and Ezuri finished it off with his scythe. They looted the weapon shop and the bodies afterward  after they killed the tieflings. They found a number of weapons at this weapon shop, none were cold-iron or magical. They continued on.

They came to the gate of the crusader residents and saw two guards. Sophia recognized one of the guards as Fred here old buddie.

Sophia said, “Hey Fred it’s me can you let us in?”. Fred said “Oh… hey Sophia but we’re not allowed to let in any outsiders unless they hand over all their weapons…sorry.”

Rudis while laughing said “Then please do not take off my fist.” No one appreciated that joke and the guards did not understand. Anyway they all went inside the and the first thing they see is Gramgram!

Rudis ran up to Gramgram and hugged her. Gramgram said, “You lived! That’s my little monk!” She updated the group on what had happened. She said that Sophia and Hayaku’s mom was still alive. After that they found Irabeth Tirabade, the half-orc commander they had met before. She was in charge. She recognized the group and informed them that a Mendevian army was on its way to Kenabres and they had to do what they can before the army arrived. The demons were based in the building they were imprisoned in — the Grey Garrison, but they needed help taking out some demon cultist cells before they could take on the headquarters. The group also told her that the Neathholm tribe underground was bringing together the mongrelmen — she called them “The First Descendants” — to help the Crusades.

Basically the group decided to go back to the evil mongrelmen’s base because Ezuri felt like he forgot something there. So they went to the base and Irabeth sent an ambassador for Neathholm and the ambassador’s guard.

When they started to infiltrate the base, they saw 3 guards. They had a plan to lure the guards to their spot so they had the advantage. Ezuri whistled. One of the mongrelmen heard it and went through the door. Sophia shot a crossbow bolt while Ezuri, Hayaku and Rudis all swung their weapons and punched it, knocking it out. One of the other mongrelmen ran inside the fort to get help while the other one got ready to fight. Ezuri and Hayaku easily took out the guard and ran ahead. They followed the mongrelman that went to go tell the other guards while Sophia stayed with the ambassador and ambassador’s guard and reloaded her crossbow. When Ezuri, Rudis and Hayaku were chasing the mongrelman, he went up a ladder and so did they.

The group decided to go back to the evil mongrelmen’s base because Ezuri felt like he forgot something there….

Ezuri was the first one to climb the ladder and saw a bunch of no-good demon worshippers and mongrelmen. The H.E.R. (Hayaku,Ezuri and Rudis) team got up there and the enemy was ready to attack. Sophia heard the fighting and rushed to see what was going on but instead of going up the ladder she opened a door which turned out to be a long drop crapper. She changed her path to the ladder and she saw a bunch of mongrelmen and demon worshippers dead on the ground and the H.E.R team attacking a demon worshipper who looked pretty strong.

H from the H.E.R team stabbed her with a dagger. Sophia jumped up on the table and face-planted. Then E from the H.E.R team killed her with his glaive. Sophia got up and looked around. R from the H.E.R team noticed a sword in the room the female demon worshipper came from. Ezuri took it and said, “ In the name of Iomedae this is what I came here for.” It glowed with a golden light when he touched it!

Now our hopefully soon-to-be mythic characters are still at the base thinking upon what they are going to do next.

-Salvatore (Sophia)


XP so far:

Ezuri: 8,370
Hayaku: 6,870
Rudis: 6,570
Sophia: 8,170

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