GILDHAVEN: State of the Kingdom Address, 15th of Pharast 4714 AR

15 Mar

An updated map of Gildhaven and its surroundings.

The Pathfinders’ Society based in our neighboring city-state to the south, Magnimar, has established contact with Gildhaven. The new opportunities for commerce and adventure are welcomed!

While traveling through Falgrim, a traveling circus from the northern nation of Cheliax lost control of one of its pandas, which killed some inhabitants of Falgrim. The heroes who had been asked to capture the panda refused. The Pathfinders’ Society has expressed its disappointment in the lack of initiative of some of Gildhaven’s “heroes”: the High Council urges more diligence at impressing our new neighbors with our courage and elan.

Other heroes have stumbled upon a great find within Soppoman: a piece of the legendary Sihedron Star. The Pathfinders’ Society is sending out agents to find the remaining pieces to reunite this powerful artifact.

The Gildhaven  High Council has just returned from their adventure in a wizard’s demiplane, where they explored the Dog Pharaoh’s Tomb.

Two adventurers, Herabilies and Uphalruis, have established a treehouse halfway between Falgrim and Soppoman: a much-needed stopping place for the journey between the two cities. The High Council is appreciative of this stimulus to the kingdom’s economy, but reminds all businessmen that such endeavors must first be reported to the High Council so that appropriate taxes may be levied.

Also, the High Council is levying a modest tax of 10gp per week on all those with the ability to pay — the proceeds will go toward the speedy construction of a Bank to further stimulate our young economy.

-Your most wise and munificent Ruler of Gildhaven

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