GILDHAVEN: State of the Kingdom Address, 3rd of Pharast 4714 AR

10 Mar

Gildhaven01I am happy to report that members of your High Council cleared Red Fang’s Dungeon, northeast of our capital (see map), thus allowing for the further expansion of our fair kingdom!

In other news, Falgrim’s Crypt (The Crypt of the Everflame) had been sacked by robbers when Falgrim’s youths reached it; they bravely cleared it of an undead evil.

The High Council has sent a letter of apology to the nation of Foundry for the embarrassing incident reported in my last address. The apology was accepted graciously. The Council also established an inn, The Rusty Dragon, in Falgrim to house adventurers and other travelers.

One of the underground passages in The Dark Forest has been explored (The Accursed Hall), but there is a strange door with a puzzle on it, leading to a lower level. The High Council has also decided to explore another nearby tunnel…

Next week is the annual Swallowtail Festival in Falgrim, which promises to be a source of merriment and entertainment! Untested youths are welcome to compete for the title of Falgrim’s Fighter! (Seasoned professionals not allowed.) With sadness, I confirm that Falgrim’s giant kitty mascot has indeed gone missing — I put out a call for other adventurers to seek him out.

-Your most wise and munificent Ruler of Gildhaven


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