Wrath of the Righteous 1, #7: Exploring the Mount

07 Mar


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23rd of Arodus, 4727 AR

The battle led onto the roof and the cultists channeled demonic energy at them…

Once upon a time there lived a group of adventurers: Rudis, a kindly human trained in the martial arts; Ezuri, partly angel he is a religious and loyal fighter who shows great concern for his friends; Pelso, a blood-thirsty human who trains with bows and daggers; and finally, Maxin Flaxin Waxin Jackson, a small colorful creature who has purple hair and pink skin using magic mostly to benefit her teammates.  All have their differences, but all swore to protect their homeland from evil demons who have invaded the city.

At the time they were climbing up the hill toward the Cathedral in Old Kenabres, where their adventure started so long ago when the demons attacked, to save what lives they could. (Sophia, Hayaku and Oblivia headed off to help a woman they had saved from fanatical crusaders.) Unfortunately, there were dangers in the city that the party must overcome to reach their destination, and sure enough, as they made their way to the Cathedral two hags stumbled out of a bar. Quickly the party sprang to action, each playing their own part to defeat the ugly creatures.  Once the battle was done and the loot counted they set on their way again. But before they could take another step a gigantic green blob fell out of the sky and landed in front of them, it then sunk into the ground never to be seen again.

The heroes celebrated their escape from the terrifying blob demon and set of once more.

Old Kenabres had more demons then other parts of the city. The party found an old bakery and rested to recover from their journey. Ezuri had a dream, where he remembered the party’s fight with demons in a maze… the last fight the party had underground before reaching the surface. After the group killed the demons and headed out of the mongrelmens’ lair, he felt a strange tugging, like he was leaving something behind.

Upon waking, the group decided to return underground, but not before accomplishing their goal first and exploring the Cathedral area.

When they reached Saint Clydwell’s Cathedral however they found no survivors and many bodies. They saw the body of Sophia’s father. Even though they knew none of the other deceased there they felt sorry that they could not help.  Ezuri was just scavenging what he could from the rubble when the party heard voices, and not friendly voices either — these were the voices of demons.

Ezuri, Pelso, and Maxin Jackson jumped into a pile of the dead while Rudis went around the building, but the party could not hide from the observant demons. They were short humanoids with fangs — dretch demons. Then a group of cultists arrived. The battle led onto the roof and the cultists channeled demonic energy at them. when suddenly Maxin Jackson confessed that he was just a dream and that it was their hearts that healed them, then he disappeared.  Then with a blow that sent electricity through the demon, the battle was won.  And then with no warning at all Pelso shot himself in the head.  And the remaining party lived happily ever after.

-Rudis (Athos)


XP so far:

Ezuri: 6,620
Hayaku: 4,945
Rudis: 4,820
Sophia: 5,845

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