Razor Coast 2, #16: The Snapping Turtle’s Last Snap

18 Feb

A.K.A. “Love and Death (The Full Story)”

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Kelnar Redman, the party cleric, continues our story… (-GM)

13th day of Arodus, 4713 AR

scorpionThe succubus dragged Theren into her chamber mumbling “my man, that’s my man.”

After I tried to hold Theren back from attacking us, Naelgoar stood at the entrance of the cage that the succubus was in and blocked the door so no one could get out. Just as that was happening, three other demons came from a corner and started attacking him from behind. Then Naelgoar had all his energy unfortunately drained away by the succubus’ vampiric touch.

Then, everything suddenly went dark, well not for me, I mean I can see in the dark, but for Naelgoar and Fitz, they had a problem. Then, I flew up and started shooting at the succubus through the cage. Fitz jumped on the table and started trying to shoot the other demons. He wasn’t very successful because he couldn’t see in the dark. Naelgoar stumbled to the ground, and got attacked even more. He was very weak at this point.

Sarisa then knocked Theren out and tried to drag him out but she dropped him and ran after she almost died because of the succubus attacking her because she loved him so much. The succubus screamed “LET GO OF MY MAN!!”, hissed at Sarisa, and dragged him into her chamber mumbling “my man, that’s my man.”

Naelgoar grappled one of the demons and was very weak .He then died heroically right next to me telling us to go but we kept fighting and then he died. It was so sad to watch him die. I was too scared to take this anymore and I ran out of the cage.

Afterwards, we went to The Broken Skull and Fitz fought in a fistfight with PYF (Punch Your Face). Unfortunately, he lost and I gave a speech about him not avenging Theren and a woman with slitted eyes and nostrils named Gwenelyth noticed me. A dwarf named Nlishgar grew a bond with Fitz through that short time and attacked PYF and started a bar fight in which I stole a sack of gold with 91 gold pieces, and Sarisa robbed the cash register.

We met Gwenelyth outside The Broken Skull after I made the speech for Fitz and Naelgoar losing against PYF. 

“It is sad that neither Fitz nor Naelgoar could win for the loss of Theren,” I said.

It turned out that Gwenelyth was Theren’s sister and she was VERY emotional. She got mad at Sarisa because she had left Theren there, and she chased Sarisa around The Broken Skull. Meanwhile, Nllishgar, the dwarf, asked me about Theren.

“Who is this delightful being you are talking about named Theren?” he asked.

I responded, “Why should I tell you, its none of your business.”

He suddenly out of nowhere grew angry and said, ”TELL ME OR I WILL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT YOU IGNORANT FOOL!!!”

I was shiveringly saying “OK, OK! I’ll tell you.” I told him about our adventures and Theren and we let him on our team. Then I talked to Gwenelyth about Theren and we let her on our team as well. We slept for 2 days and collected the succubus’ weakness: cold iron weapons. We then went back down to the succubus’ cave and devised a plan.

When we got in, we saw Theren with his shirt off in a cage. Gwenelyth immediately charged at the succubus…


XP so far:

Fitz – 40,632
Gwenelyth – 38,076
Nlishgar – 35,102
Sarisa – 39,832
Kelnar Redman – 43,032
Theren – 52,185

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4 responses to “Razor Coast 2, #16: The Snapping Turtle’s Last Snap

  1. Emmett

    February 19, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    In the Xp, it says Theren, and Theren is no longer. Plz change it to Gwenelyth.

    • ronaldsf

      February 19, 2014 at 9:53 pm

      Who knows if Theren will be rescued? 🙂 Anywayz, you can always stick with Gwenelyth as the character you play.

  2. Jasper

    February 27, 2014 at 10:09 am

    I Dought it, BECAUSE IMMA KILL HIM. (not)


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