Kingmaker #13: Skia’s Crime City

10 Feb

When we last left our heroes, they had foiled an attempted heist of their treasure on the one-year anniversary of the founding of Esper. Illirus continues our story…

24th of Lamashan, 4681 AR

thievesWe are interrogating a prisoner who stole from the treasury.

“A BIG LADY sent us and she offered us a spot in the thieves’ guild,” says the prisoner.

“Ah crap, the thieves’ guild,” says the interrogator [a.k.a Skia Canticum].

We have also gotten someone new on the council, a dwarven paladin named Nolgrin, who “amazingly” was burned half to death. Neskaghir has taken him under his wing.

Oasîn has had some drama. Her dad has sent her a letter about meeting him somewhere but Oasîn sent back a letter that was a “burn.”

When we went adventuring, Pellius decided to drop a bomb on an “innocent” turtle and a few cute lizards who shocked Neskaghir. We also were attacked by arachnids who had VERY bad attack rolls. Meanwhile, our own kitsune ninja spymaster (Skia) is trying to make a lawless town full of bandits and a religion that worships herself. And the high priest and spreader of the religion will be the prisoner bandit. Neskaghir has been very stubborn about letting the crime-committers be in Skia’s town. While the rest of the council are having a meeting, Illirus and Skia are somewhere else. Illirus is shaking his butt at the dance hall, and skia is undercover.

After the meeting, Oasin meets with her father. When her father leaves, he sees a drunk Illirus and a raven-like figure overhead that looks strangely like Pellius. The dad is turned away and he deserves what Oasîn said.

This concludes our recorded adventures of Kingmaker.

– Illirus (Max S.)


XP so far:
Illirus – 12,353
John Snow – 14,757
Neskaghir – 17,370
Nolgrin – 10,972
Oasîn – 17,467

Pellius Wintrish – 15,267
Skia Canticum – 14,330

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