Rappan Athuk #1: On the Road to the Dungeon

29 Jan

Can a group of resourceful middle schoolers best the notorious killer megadungeon Rappan Athuk? We shall see muahaha…


Days 1-4

faerie-dragonOne of the bandits was examining my scythe but I told him “Don’t touch it” in which he responded “I can touch it as much as I like.” That really enraged me…

In my dreams I was visited by the goddess Iomedae who I completely wasn’t okay with. She told me to meet other adventurers in a bar and go to Rappan Athuk to destroy shrines of power that were dedicated to demons (as if). She said that the demons were going to attack behind the lines of the crusaders. Also she said I would be resurrected into another adventurer so I could die a lot.

I went to a bar and met my companions. A drow magus Shadowolfdemon (SWD) who I thought was really violent. A human ranger Aragorn who had a badger and did you know that badger blood makes good ink. An aasimar ninja Derent who I didn’t find impressive. Last was a strix fighter Lunam focused on bows and still hadn’t hit strix puberty yet.

I myself was a very charismatic dark cleric of Urgathoa, Mortimer, who was out to make an army of undead. I also joined this group because I figured they could carry my corpses until I learned how to make undead.

Anyways we started to look for information and got several pieces of it. Lunam asked a man about Rappan Athuk and the very crazed man told her “Me grandma said to me that there was a huge treasure guarded by a lich behind mithral gates but no one ever listened to grandma.” Derent was told that he was crazy to adventure in the place. “SWD” was told that there was a red dragon south of the dungeon. I don’t remember what they told the ranger but I got directions.

We bought horses and were on our way. We followed the road but by late noon we needed Aragorn to guide us. A few minutes later “SWD” heard a fart from behind some bushes and Aragorn identified it as a medium creature.

Some bandits came out with their bows aimed at us demanding our gold. We huddled and I devised a plan that would earn us their gold. One of them came up to each of us and started looking for our gold. “SWD” kept trying to fight but we wouldn’t let him. One of the bandits was examining my scythe but I told him “Don’t touch it” in which he responded “I can touch it as much as I like.” That really enraged me and I channeled my dark energy.

Aragorn chopped one’s head off, Derent took down another, “SWD” overkilled one and Lunam shot one. I channeled my energy and yelled at the one who tried to take my gold “That’s what happens when you touch ‘Slashy’ and think you can get away with it.”

Two tried to flee but were really weak and the leader began to run away but our good old Lunam shot him down. Now I can ahve 5 dead minions, 7 if I can catch the others. All in a good day’s work.

– Mortimer (Moises)


The party:

Aragorn, half-elven ranger 4 (Otto)
Derent, aasimar ninja 4 (Emmett)
Lunam, strix fighter (archer) 4 (Athos)
Mortimer, human cleric of Urgathoa 4 (Moises) Shadowolfdemon, drow magus 4 (Ramir)


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3 responses to “Rappan Athuk #1: On the Road to the Dungeon

  1. otto1337

    February 5, 2014 at 9:24 am

    my badger’s blood IS NOT for ink. capeesh?

  2. otto1337

    February 5, 2014 at 9:24 am

    he’d savage you anyway.

  3. bob

    February 5, 2014 at 9:11 pm

    I have skeleton to do the besides you don’t know how valuable badger Blood is until you’ve tried it


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