Kingmaker #12: The Dawn of Esper

28 Jan

15th of Erastus, 4681 AR

Illirus (artist renditions — accuracy not yet verified)

Many squatters have flocked to our village and founding kingdom of Corff.  We have had to deal with in them in many ways, but they just keep coming back.  We are coming up with a new strategy.  We will prevail! (maybe)

– Sissario Chhiat in his journal

We made a deal with the lords today. After a parting of my fur ritual they allowed me to join the ranks among them for my sheer charisma awesomeness

Many will follow but few may lead.

-Illirus of the kitsune race at its announcement ceremony



We had a year down and millions to go. People don’t like my position as warden but believe me at any moment’s notice they could be under my care.

“!@#@#$#$%$%^%^&^&*^&(*)*+++”  i say we lock them in cast-iron cages, man oh man, why Oasin, why?

And she says “because you are annoying me and i’m trying to sleep!”

-Neskaghir of Litador

Pellius Wintrish

Pellius Wintrish

But then we had a problem i realized “FISH”
We were about to build Sombra and its underground lair
But sadly we are delaying the making of mad man’s rock.

-Pellius Wintrish

The rogues were sly and smart, but oasin was smarter and i was slyer

We defeated them with some difficulty but we won.

We have save all our treasure and will be tightening reinforcements

I will sneak around to see who sent them.

Skia Canticum

-Skia canticum

And a mysterious letter arrives to the kingdom…

Dear Oasin,

after many years, and a long time apart that seemed to eternity, i send you this letter in hope that this is the oasin i left in the woods all those years back

i would like to come visit you and meet you now that you are grown



i am sorry my cailaliain (elven for starlight)


your father Borruge

PS. forgive me i beg of you



XP so far:
Illirus – 10,838
Neskaghir – 16,657
Oasîn – 16,057
Pellius Wintrish – 14,257
Skia Canticum – 13,657

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