The Guild Tournament Championship is this Wednesday!

27 Jan

gladiatorThe epic GUILD CHAMPIONSHIP is this Wednesday! It will be a triple-steel-cage affair, featuring your esteemed GMs Simon, Sebastian, and, of course, your Grandmaster.

Below are the final three teams and their character sheets! Also below are the four opponents they will face in their steel cages! The winners gain a level in The Guild!

Tournament rules HERE (Contestants: it is VERY important to understand that you only earn points when your monster opponent is killed.)

Here is my “cheat sheet” for GMs and players to look at, where I clarify the Pathfinder rules.

TEAM 1: HAI! (Devon) and Anger Management (Moises)

TEAM 2: Soran (Salvatore) and Fat_Bald_Midget (Zander)

TEAM 3: Athos and Horak (Otto)

And here are the monsters!

CR 7: Huge air elemental
(NOTE: they CAN’T go through the steel cage and CAN be grappled)


CR 8: Giant tarantula


CR 9: Vampire sorcerer 8


CR 10: Young adult black dragon
(NOTE: its 1st-level spells will be mage armor and obscuring mist)



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2 responses to “The Guild Tournament Championship is this Wednesday!

  1. moises

    January 29, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    me and devon won

  2. ronaldsf

    January 30, 2014 at 12:00 am

    Nobody wanted to fight the vampire haha


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